Five Local Lunchbox Favorites

Better Nutrition for Kids Everywhere

Special alert! On Friday, September 6th you have the chance to support salad with salad. Simply eat at your local Whole Foods Market® salad bar, and 5% of your salad bar purchase will be donated to Whole Kids Foundation’s® Salad Bar Grant Program. You can feel even better than usual about piling your plate high with greens, beans and other veggies because you're doing it for the kids.

Put Children First with Healthy Eating and Monthly Reading

Joy Errico Seusing is the Senior Vice President of External Relations for Jumpstart, a national early education organization.

Family Staycation

Sometimes the very best family vacation is right in your own city! Instead of spending a mint on airfare or driving for hours, spend a little time brainstorming with your family and plan a load of fun right where you are. These ideas can be strung together for a fun-filled week or used for family time anytime on holidays or weekends.

Gardening for the Greater Good

Why Schools are Sweet on Honey Bees

Rad Dads: Unplug and Connect with Your Kids

Spending quality time with your kiddos is easy when you follow these tips from DIY expert Mark Frauenfelder.

Quality Time Happens Naturally in the Garden

Besides being an ever-changing source of growth and learning, the beautiful thing about gardening is there’s no right or wrong, only lessons to guide what you’ll do next!

Two More Ways for Little Earthlings to Play

Looking for more? See our earlier post on two easy ways to make every day Earth Day with your kids.

Get Scrappy with Your Recycle Bin

Two Easy Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day with Your Kids

Spring has arrived, and it’s time to get your kids back out there communing with nature! With each generation, our children are becoming better stewards of this planet. Whole Kids Foundation® has tons of kids’ activities that are both fun and Earth-friendly. Here’s a couple to get you started.


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