Meet a Microcredit Client You Support

ZaharaMeet Zahara. Zahara owns a small home-based weaving business in Morocco. She sells her weavings in the market to townspeople who use in their marriage ceremonies and to visiting tourists. She raises her own sheep and uses their wool to prepare her thread for her and her daughter, who is also a weaver.

Win a Trip to Morocco to See Microcredit in Action

Prosperity CampaginWould you like to win a trip to Morocco?

Whole Planet Foundation: Giving Opportunity Around the Globe

Whole Planet Foundation®'s mission is poverty alleviation in developing-world communities where Whole Foods Market® sources products. Through microcredit, Whole Planet Foundation seeks to unleash the energy and creativity of every human being we work with in order to create wealth and prosperity in emerging economies. Whole Planet Foundation® partners with microfinance institutions in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Save the Date, Help the World

Whole Planet Foundation 2013 CalendarIf you’re reading this, the good news is that we’re still here and the Mayans just ran out of space on their calendar. Moving on to more important things like Christmas and 2013...

Whole Planet Foundation Calendars: Make a Difference and Save

The 2013 Whole Planet Foundation Calendar is in stores now with over $40 in coupons and a world of good.

Poverty is Unnecessary

On October 25, Whole Planet Foundation® and nine Whole Foods Market® suppliers are celebrating Poverty is Unnecessary Day. How are they celebrating? Kettle Brand, PROBAR, Café Spice Global Cuisine, Genji Sushi, Mrs.

Get Coupons for Your Green Actions

Last year, Whole Planet Foundation set out on a journey to explore the world of iPhone apps and figure out how we could create one to support our Foundation. The result of that journey?

Bonnie Raitt on Musicians for Microcredit

Whole Foods Market® is honored to carry Bonnie Raitt’s newest global release, Slipstream.  Bonnie has earned nine Grammy Awards over her extraordinary career – and is as well-known for her music, as she is for her activism.

Patrick Bradley's Under the Sun

We’ve recently told you about some of the really creative fundraising events happening in our stores that support Whole Planet Foundation’s® Prosperity Campaign. Here’s another one to share with you.

You Helped Raise $5.5 Million to Alleviate Poverty

To all our shoppers, team members, suppliers and online donors, you did it! 


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