Blessing Baskets

“Thank you Whole Foods. Thank you for our new class room!” Those are the words of a song written for Whole Foods Market by students in Ghana Africa.  The school was built because Whole Foods Market customers bought Blessing Baskets. Thank you for helping us weave hope into the world one basket at a time!

Alaffia Certified Fair Trade Holiday Gift Baskets

The Alaffia holiday baskets were uniquely designed and created for the 2008 holiday season. These are Alaffia basket weavers in Blitta, Togo. Gift baskets include the basket, three body care products and a handcrafted ornament and retail for $34.99.

Whole Trade and Theo Chocolate


Mayan Beekeeping Survives Today

HoneyImagine a world where honey bees are your family’s livelihood. The hives are tucked deep in the jungles of Chiapas and Quintana Roo, and have been tended by Mayan communities for generations. Although there is a centuries-old beekeeping tradition there, honey production has only recently been recognized as a viable and stable income opportunity in the global market.

Vegan Cane Sugar

If you aren’t on a vegan diet, chances are you didn’t know that all sugar isn’t considered vegan. It doesn’t come from an animal so what’s the issue? Bone char. Bet you didn’t know that many sugars are processed with bone char either. Bone char, usually made from the bones of cows, is used in the decolorization process for sugar – meaning it whitens the sugar through a filtration process. Standard sugar packages won't explain all of this, but the process is unacceptable to many vegans and they avoid sugar as a result.


EcoPath’s Biodynamic Aloe Vera Farm

When I was in Brazil this past year for a food industry show, I met a brother and a sister who lived and worked on their family’s biodynamic aloe vera farm. I learned that on this farm the siblings made cleaning products from the aloe vera that they grew.

Root Soda Done Right

I love working with family-owned businesses, especially those that truly believe in what they do. Maine Root Soda Company, based right here in Austin, TX, is one of those companies.

Whole Trade Rose Trip - Quito, Ecuador

Whole Body Exclusives

Hey fellow Whole Bodies! Jeremiah here, the Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator. Having been in the natural products industry for 15 years I have never seen a more exciting time than now. Check out the shelves this month for all kinds of fun EXCLUSIVE products launching. Many of them are what we call "mission driven" or, in other words, they support a cause besides just making a profit.

Alaffia Bodycare - Whole Trade Guarantee

My name is Jessica and I am the Whole Trade Guarantee Specialist. In my role I have the opportunity to promote social responsibility through the ethical sale and trade of commodity products. We donate 1% of all Whole Trade Guarantee sales to the Whole Planet Foundation, which funds micro-credit loans to women all over the world to help end world poverty.


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