The Millennial’s Guide to Mother’s Day

There's a lot of room for thoughtfulness and personalization that so often gets left out of Mother’s Day. So, this year I decided to steer slightly away from tradition and focus on making a meaningful day that both mom and I can share in.

As a professional Nashville musician turned food nerd, Ryan’s journey to Whole Foods Market was unanticipated and rewarding. His passion for food was born at an intersection where curiosity for cooking met necessity for quality ingredients while traveling on the road. In September 2013, Ryan relocated to San Francisco for a new role as a Store Marketing Team Leader. He is extremely thankful to work for a company where he gets to share his passion for food, knowledge, and quality standards on a daily basis.

As someone who grew up with smart phones and Facebook, Ryan is on the lookout for ways to connect online and offline with the people he loves. 

Mother’s Day — it’s the one holiday that sneaks up on me the quickest. And, honestly, it has never excited me too much. It’s not because I don’t enjoy sharing appreciation and gratitude for my mom — I really do love that — but because it seems to have become a worn out cassette tape that everyone has on “repeat.” This soundtrack typically includes a pre-scripted greeting card, flowers, and a box of chocolates with mystery fillings.

Not that any of those are bad gifts; it's just that there's a lot of room for thoughtfulness and personalization that so often gets left out. So, this year I decided to steer slightly away from tradition and focus on making a meaningful Mother’s Day that both mom and I can share in.

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning for Mother’s Day is to focus on the things your mom really loves. Any gift that is near and dear to her heart will leave mom feeling special this May 11th.


Giving the gift of your time can be more valuable than any material item. As we get older our lives inevitably get busier, and those face-to-face experiences with family are often few and far between. Plan something with mom that gives you both some quality time together.

  • Take her to brunch at her favorite restaurant (think about making reservations now), or if you’re handy in the kitchen, give her the gift of a home cooked meal. For some great ideas, try one of these brunch basics .
  • Live far away from your mom? Really treat her and fly her out to visit you for a few days; show her around your city! What are those gems that mom would really enjoy?
  • Can’t be there in person? Plan a video-chat dinner date with mom. Pop open a bottle of wine and share a virtual “toast” together. Just be careful not to spill wine on the keyboard! 


  • Set your mom up on Instagram (and give her a quick tutorial). This is one of my favorite ways of connecting with those I care about. It will let her peek into your daily life and see the moments that are special to her.
  • If your mom isn’t super tech-savvy, put together a small album of your favorite photos over the past year. If she’s not online, chances are she hasn’t seen those day-to-day photos of what’s going on in your life. It’s the little things. 


  • Make a greeting card from scratch! The handwritten note is becoming a lost art, and shows that you care enough to write something in your own words. Don’t worry — you don’t have to be Shakespeare. Simply expressing a few things about what you’re thankful for will mean the world to your mom. Consider including a fond memory of a time when she made an impact as you were growing up.
  • Show your appreciation with some edible gifts for mom . I love giving gifts made from my kitchen. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas.  


  • Let your mom have a day to herself to relax, rest, and recharge. Give her a gift of bath salts ( homemade if you have the time), a good book, and a bottle of sparkling wine. Then leave her alone while you take on some of her errands, like standing in line at the post office, buying groceries or prepping dinner.
  • If she prefers the spa, book her a massage appointment. What mom doesn’t like — and deserve — to be pampered?!

These are just a few ideas to help you plan the best Mother’s Day yet. Make it your own. Have fun with it, keep it thoughtful, and it will be a day she’ll remember for years to come.What great things will you do for mom this May?

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