When we set out to make our selections for Summer Top Ten Wines this year, we asked our wine teams from across the country to submit their favorites. From dozens of wonderful wine suggestions, these ten emerged as clear winners. They perfectly capture summer in a glass — we’re excited to share them with you!

Domitia Picpoul de Pinet


Picpoul de Pinet

Our Mid-Atlantic wine team loves it!

France’s answer to pinot grigio. Crystal clear with green shimmers. Delicate, fresh aromas. A burst of peaches, lemon meringue and lemon pucker flavors mingled with attractive minerality. Picnic anyone?


The picpoul grape, an up-and-coming star, is known for making white wines of lively, lemony freshness — in French, the name literally means lip stinger.

Goes With

Landaff cheese from Cellars at Jasper Hill, cold fried chicken, salads, hummus, shrimp, potato chips, picnic food

Sprito Ditalia Pinot Grigio

Spirito d’Italia

Pinot Grigio

Our Southern Pacific wine team loves it!

Ripe melon aromas. Exuberant with flavors of bright citrus, delicate floral notes and honeydew. A lovely lingering finish — crisp, dry and lip-smacking. Looking for a versatile wine? You’ve found it.


While the grape originated in France as pinot gris, it is really the Italians just across the border who brought the pinot grigio grape such global fame and recognition.

Goes With

Parmigiano Reggiano, cantaloupe, prosciutto, appetizers, chilled cucumber or melon soup

Nortico Alvarihno



Our Global Wine Buyer loves it!

So much fun in this bottle! Subtle effervescence encourages aromas of peach, passion fruit and lemon. Complex layered flavors of rosemary, orange blossom and mint. Mouthfilling citrus notes meet you in the generous finish.


You may have heard of Spain’s albariño grape — this is Portugal’s version, and it’s predicted in some corners to be the breakout star of the summer.

Goes With

Bijou cheese from Vermont Creamery, ceviche, mackerel, fried shrimp, fish and chips, sushi

JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay

JaM Cellars

Butter Chardonnay

Our Northern California wine team loves it!

Wow. Look in between the big booming notes of vanilla, honey and butter for subtler cues — thyme, warm spices, a rich softness. Ethereal creaminess supports tropical flavors of pineapple and honeydew and lingers on through the generous finish.


Winemaker and enologist Rob Lloyd comes to JaM Cellars from highly respected Rombauer Vineyards, where he helped their chardonnay become a Wine Spectator Top 100 Wines of the World in 2007.

Goes With

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar aged at Cellars at Jasper Hill, salmon burgers, chicken sausage, lobster, king crab, fruit with a honey drizzle

BLT Pasta Salad

Recipe Pairing

BLT Pasta Salad

Innovación Malbec-Syrah Rose


Malbec-Syrah Rosé

Our Global Wine Buyer loves it!

Appealing notes of dried strawberry and the tropics in this vegan-friendly Rosé. Surprising white pepper and cinnamon spice flavors move toward a finish of mouthwatering acidity. A fresh, dry, food-loving sipper.


Looking for your next get-together wine? This Rosé comes in a 1-liter bottle — pour more than 6 glasses for you and your friends!

Goes With

Fourme d’Ambert cheese, hamburgers, seafood burgers, sausage, salami, charcuterie — goes with anything!

Cloudveil Oregon Pinot Noir


Oregon Pinot Noir

Our Pacific Northwest wine team loves it!

Quintessential see-through red color. Bright red berries, pie cherries and pomegranate flavors pile on up front. Delicate mid-palate notes of juniper berries, sassafras and spice. Smooth, round, medium-bodied. Feel free to serve lightly chilled.


Oregon’s world-renowned pinot noirs are relative newcomers to the dance — significant plantings of the grape didn’t occur in the state until the 1970s.

Goes With

Robusto cheese, smoked fish, salmon, dill, tuna, burgers, rosemary roasted chicken, herb-grilled veggies

Vega Montán Mencía

Vega Montán


Our Southwest wine team loves it!

Weighty with ripe plums, fresh acidity and deep concentration of flavors. Youthful, fruit-forward, simply delicious to drink. Think gamay with heft. Chill slightly.


Winemakers in northwest Spain are rediscovering forgotten hillside plantings of old-vine mencía, bringing this festive, gregarious varietal back to its rightful place at the table.

Goes With

Sartori Rum Runner cheese, smoky grilled lamb, charred foods, tangy BBQ sauce, make wine ice cubes for sangria!

King Rabbit Malbec

King Rabbit


Our Southern California wine team loves it!

Yes, France makes malbecs too! At first more reserved than its South American counterparts, but then flavors of plum, blueberry and cacao emerge. Dusky herbal complexity is cradled by fine subtle tannins. Let it breathe before serving.


The birthplace of the malbec grape is near France’s Burgundy region, but it’s further south, close to the Mediterranean coast, where warmer, drier conditions are just right for this finicky grape.

Goes With

Manchego cheese, coffee-rubbed roasted chicken, Thai BBQ, chicken strips, grilled bratwurst, comfort foods

Bonny Doon - A Proper Claret

Bonny Doon

A Proper Claret Unfiltered

Our Northern California wine team loves it!

The hand of an expert is quite evident here. Oodles of complexity in this six-grape blend — notes of violet, cherry, plum, tobacco, pepper, herbs and currant. Satisfying density. Old-World styling from a New-World wine. Impress your friends.


Our Global Wine Buyers tasted this Red before it had been filtered and sensing what a treasure they had on their hands, said “Don’t filter it! We’ll take it!” And we bought it all.

Goes With

Borough Market Stilton cheese, grilled steak, bone-in rib eye, short ribs, savory marinated portobellos

Gruet Blanc de Noirs


Blanc de Noirs

Our Rocky Mountain wine team loves it!

Persistent frothy bubbles in this elegant, focused offering from New Mexico (yes, New Mexico!). Richness meets crispness over creamy vanilla and apple aromas moving to flavors of baked pear. Festively decadent.


The Gruet family from Champagne, France knew what they were doing when they made New Mexico their US home base for sparkling wines. This is a perennial Wine Spectator Top 100.

Goes With

Hervé Mons St. Nuage cheese, hatch chiles, fried chicken, canapés, salty finger foods, brunch

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