Samantha Enzmann, Culinary Instructor at Salud! Cooking School

Roswell, Georgia

What does your title mean?

I teach classes from a variety of cuisines, from International to Healthy Eating, to the general public and our own Team Members.

When and where did you get your start at Whole Foods Market?

I joined Whole Foods in 2005 as a contracted chef/instructor for Salud! I was hired as resident culinary instructor in 2009. Coming in I had more responsibility as an instructor rather than as a guest chef; I had to set to work looking at the school’s food costs and organization. I was able to learn more about Whole Foods and the culture and I’ve been with WFM now for four years–I love it.

A recent, memorable day:

Recently we did a community outreach event with our Marketing team, and we grilled outdoors for a tailgate party for the city that we helped sponsor. It required a lot of teamwork, organization and fun. It was a beautiful day, and we got to see a lot of our customers while feeding them some great food. We collaborated with local vendors to use pasture-raised chicken, a local brewer and our own bakehouse. We fed up to 300 people.

The Very Best Part of My Job:

My students and volunteers—I learn from them every day. When you work in a restaurant there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into meal preparation and you make the same things every day with little change. In my job, I get to cook something different every night; I make a complete meal and I get to see the results directly in front of me on our guest’s faces. There’s an excitement in that.

What do you like most about working at Whole Foods Market?

My teammates; I am in a rare position in that I work in a set environment apart from the rest of the store that utilizes the whole store to get my job done. That job reflects directly on each department and what it offers, not just to me or the school but to all of the customers we serve. I get to know everyone from Produce to Whole Body to Customer Service because they all affect the school, whether they know it or not. Each Team Member brings his own brand of heart and passion to his job. It is a collaboration that is a tremendous effort but works beautifully and symbiotically and breeds happiness.

What advice do you have for people considering joining the Whole Foods Market team?

Be committed. Be welcoming. Be open to learn from others, whether it’s a Team Member or a customer. Be prepared. Be a giver–the rewards are great.

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