Benjamin Mercado, Meat Cutter

Huntington Beach, CA

Benjamin Mercado

What does your job title mean?

In addition to ordering product and merchandising, customer service is a big part of what I do. Simply put, people depend on me to give them the best cut of meat possible. My job is to make sure that what I provide for my customers makes them happy when they go home to cook a great meal.

What has been your career path at Whole Foods Market?

I joined Whole Foods Market in 2013 as a meat clerk. It’s been really interesting to learn about organic food and the significant part animal welfare plays in what we eat. Not only has it opened my eyes to the importance of sustainability, but also the benefits of eating local food.

A Recent, Memorable Day

Getting recognized as Team Member of the Month was pretty exciting!

What's the very best part of your job?

It’s exciting to help customers decide what they might want to cook for dinner or a special occasion, and guide them if they have questions regarding the preparation and cooking of a particular cut of meat. There’s nothing better than putting a smile on a customer’s face.

What gets you up in the morning?

Knowing that I’m going to a job where I’m happy, treated well and respected. It’s great to be able to provide for my family in such a positive environment. Whole Foods Market is like a big family, and they really know how to show appreciation for their Team Members.

What advice do you have for people considering joining the Whole Foods Market team?

I just have one bit of advice: What are you waiting for?

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