Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in soil and water. In addition to occurring naturally, it is also present as a result of the widespread use of arsenic-containing pesticides and fertilizers within agriculture. Because plants absorb nutrients from the soil there are trace amounts of arsenic in many foods.

There is no federal standard limiting the amount of arsenic in rice at this time. However, we have been monitoring the issue and working with suppliers of products in our 365 Everyday Value® rice program to maintain the quality of those items. We will continue to do so, and will also continue to communicate with our shoppers about the importance of eating a balanced and diversified diet that includes a variety of grains to support good nutrition and overall health.

We are committed to food safety and to food safety education. We support the FDA’s effort to conduct a thorough and scientific-based health risk assessment regarding arsenic in food with hope it will lead to the development of regulated standards which would be helpful for consumers and producers alike.