Information For Potential Suppliers

We are very interested in receiving information about your company and your products. The following is the information you need to proceed.

Due to the diversity in the customer base amongst our different geographical regions, we review products for approval at the regional level. Each of our regional offices have different review procedures, which require that information and product samples be submitted in very specific ways to key individuals. For your convenience, we maintain lists of our regional offices on this website.

If you have been directed to the Whole Foods Market website to fill out a vendor form, please ask your Whole Foods Market contact to send you the web address, as the URLs vary by region and are not linked from this page. Contact the Team Member who directed you to the website if you have any questions.

Each region has the following Coordinators/Buyers for different categories of products:

  • Grocery, which includes dry goods, dairy, frozen, & general merchandise
  • Nutrition, which includes supplements and personal care
  • Prepared Foods
  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Specialty, which includes cheese, beer, & wine

All Vendor Items must have a current cost record submitted to our Vendor Internet Portal (VIP). For more information about VIP, please watch this video:

All new items must be submitted to the regional office(s). Products that fall outside the above categories are handled differently in the different regions. Please request information regarding how to present these types of products, when contacting our regional offices. To be considered, all products must meet our Quality Standards.

Additionally, due to the overwhelming volume of new product information submitted, Whole Foods Market can only offer to contact you if we are interested in your product(s). Providing complete and accurate information in your new product submissions can help to expedite the process.

Again, thank you for contacting Whole Foods Market.