Seasonal Money-Saving Tips

5 tips for making the most of mangoes

  1. Drink up. Raise a glass to mango smoothies, aguas frescas, lassis, sparklers and sangrias.
  2. Wedges are in! Cut into wedges and sprinkle with chili powder or serve with a dollop of whipped topping.
  3. Complement your condiments. Give marinades, sauces, chutneys and salsas tropical flair; try Mini Tropical Cheese Toasts.
  4. Seek the sale. One of the sweetest, smoothest varieties, the Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe), is in season around for special prices!
  5. Stretch the sweetness. Use in recipes such as Mango Tea Bread or a whole grain salad to get the most out of every sweet bite.

8 ways for shopping with a conscience

Like many things in life, value means what you get, not just what you pay.

  1. Organic. Organic agriculture promotes the health of consumers, farmers and the Earth. Shop 365 Everyday Value® organic products and find Sure Deals.
  2. Non-GMO Project Verified. Choose Non-GMO Project Verified products, and vote with your dollars for a non-GMO food supply.
  3. Premium Body Care™. This seal means our strictest standards for quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety. Most of our 365 Everyday Value® body care products meet this standard, making more high-quality products available to more people.
  4. Whole Trade®. The Whole Trade® Guarantee blends quality, environment and responsible trade. Save on Whole Trade® chocolates.
  5. Biodynamic. With a goal of a farm that is a self-contained, self-sustaining organism, this is a form of organic agriculture that requires an even more integrated, holistic system.
  6. Eco-Scale®. Pick effective cleaning products with Earth-conscious ingredients. Look for Sure Deals!
  7. Responsibly wild-caught and farmed seafood. We build partnerships with farmers and fishermen that are committed to bringing you high-quality seafood that's also environmentally friendly. Download coupons.
  8. Responsibly raised. Our meat department standards require vegetarian feed, no added hormones* and no antibiotics, ever. Save with value packs, lesser-known cuts and coupons.

* Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising pork, poultry, goat, veal and bison.


365 Everyday Value® Daily Facial Cleanser vs. Major National Brand Facial Cleanser

Our daily facial cleanser faces off against a major national brand and wins for your skin with better components and about half the price...just $5.99!




Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Surfactants such as SLS can irritate and remove beneficial fatty acids.
Harsh preservatives such as parabens are banned from Premium Body Care™ products for questionable safety and sensitivity reasons.
Disodium Edta
Data show that chelators such as EDTA do not readily biodegrade in the environment (after swirling down the drain).
Synthetic Fragrance
Only natural essential oils and components of natural essential oils are allowed as fragrances in Premium Body Care™.

How to ring in spring on a budget

(first, shop storewide for 365 Everyday Value®, high-quality goods at everyday prices)

Reason to Party




Easter or
Passover Brunch

Gather family, friends and savings
Get your coupon for smoked salmon or breakfast links Savory Brunch Bread Pudding or Cabbage and Leek Griddle Cakes Incorporate a couple of make-ahead dishes so you're not scrambling first thing in the morning
Mardi Gras
Save and let the good times roll
Buy beans and rice in bulk, and look for family packs of chicken Red Beans and Rice Soup Create a colorful crudité platter with Whole Trade® peppers
Pot of Gold
Put a tasty twist on St. Patrick's Day
Discover Sure Deals for Irish cheese and butter St. Patrick's Day Quiche or make tacos with pan-fried bell peppers and shredded corned beef Have partygoers wear something gold
Neighborhood Cleanup & Potluck
Wear green, eat green and be green
Choose whole foods–veggies, potatoes, legumes, grains–vs. highly processed foods Health Starts Here® Mango-Mint Green Smoothie or potluck-perfect Red Potato and Asparagus Salad Decorate with what's in season–artichokes and lemons make beautiful arrangements that can also be used in cooking
Small Wonders
Spring sprouts, singing birds and mini bites
365 Everyday Value® Cracker Cuts cheeses and chocolate squares are Sure Deals Mini Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies; Mini Cajun Shrimp Frittatas; and Mini Tropical Cheese Toasts Split up a bouquet of tulips into modern single-stem table decor
Bon Voyage
Get ready for spring break with flavors from around the world
Cheers to Milflores Rioja–a Sure Deal Korean-Style Fish and Peppers with Rice Noodles Upcycle old maps into placemats or accordion swags
Mad Hatter
Tea Party

Give your garden party a magical makeover
Buy candy and nuts from bulk bins Mango Tea Bread Choose Allegro® tea. A mission-driven company that protects water resources (among other sustainably minded things!)