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10 One-Pot Wonders

By Megan Myers, September 19, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

The official start of fall is just days away, but I’ve been in a fall-cooking mindset since Labor Day. For me that doesn’t just mean cool-weather produce like apples, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts – it means hearty meals that don’t require a lot of post-dinner cleanup. As we creep toward winter, I know I’d rather spend extra time soaking up the remaining sun than doing a mountain of dishes!

That’s why I turn to one-pot meals like spicy chili, simmered soups and fast frittatas to get dinner on the table.

Need help finding inspiration for your one-pot wonders? Try some of these recipes:

What’s your favorite one-pot dish? Please share in the comments!


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Mae says ...
Not one of these pictures is appetizing to me. Each one looks like mush! Ugh!
09/21/2012 2:06:11 PM CDT
Greg Huddleston says ...
Our favorite one-pot dish is Chicken Cacciatore (we like Martha Stewart's) made with de-boned chicken thighs. . . . . .perfect this time of year.
09/22/2012 7:36:58 AM CDT
Kevin says ...
They all look good to me!
09/22/2012 10:41:25 AM CDT
Dana says ...
Holy Smokes! someone is asking for trouble.
09/23/2012 12:39:06 AM CDT
Mtn mama says ...
All those dishes look warm, inviting, and delicious! Been cooking almost 50 years. Thanks for inspiring me toward fall/winter. Still wanna hike another 14'er before snow flies! Any of these meals would be lovely to come home to:+)
09/24/2012 11:42:48 AM CDT
Laurie says ...
A nice pot of green chili or clam chowder on a cold day - heaven!
09/25/2012 1:40:18 PM CDT
Leslie says ...
Yum! Love one pot meals - they're delicious and easy. Maybe Mae is a raw food vegan. ;)
09/25/2012 6:47:47 PM CDT
Leslie says ...
Yum! Love one pot meals - they're delicious and easy. Maybe Mae is a raw food vegan. ;)
09/25/2012 6:48:23 PM CDT
Shadow says ...
I LOVE one pot meals! They save time AND energy - who doesn't love that? All of these look great, except, well I'm not as sure about the Coconut, Carrot and Chickpea soup (love the alliteration) but the small photo just looks like little bowls full of mustard. haha. I'm sure in person it's much better!
09/26/2012 3:15:50 PM CDT
Natalie G. says ...
http://www.food.com/recipe/ginger-carrot-parsnip-soup-447210 Our carrot soup http://www.food.com/recipe/good-easy-to-make-homemade-chili-20606 Easy Chili
09/26/2012 6:41:47 PM CDT
Gloria Gonzalez says ...
I really love one pot meals. They all look delicious and comforting to me. Cannot wait to make them and enjoy them. Hmmm....
09/27/2012 10:50:10 AM CDT
Deborah Alderman says ...
Turkey Piccadillo
09/29/2012 6:51:43 AM CDT
Rebecca says ...
These look awesome! I made a one-pot gluten-free turkey spinach spaghetti the other night and it was delicious!! http://bit.ly/PXOi1n
10/10/2012 12:59:59 PM CDT
Heather says ...
I love chili and easy oven baked stuff (sort of one pot?) Favorite is this http://whoneedsacape.com/2012/09/stuffed-pepper-explosion/
10/14/2012 1:36:14 PM CDT
Jey Duraisingam says ...
Tofu chilli is awesome. Just have to find some good curry powder.
10/21/2012 10:23:58 PM CDT