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13 Money-Saving Tips for Wellness

January bears the burden of following weeks filled with feasts, treats and special allowances as most of us turn a blind eye to counting calories and dollars. Then the season ends, and we tighten our belts. No wonder January seems so cold and gloomy.

Well, cheer up! We’ve gathered 13 tips to help you in your quest for wellness — both fiscal and physical. This is the perfect time to discover new-to-you great flavors and tried and true saving strategies. Who knows, with these money-saving tips January might become the second most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Health Starts Here® 14-Day Blast Off! Join us as we rocket into a healthy 2013. Visit our Health Starts Here web site or our Healthy Eating Facebook page to receive your missions for recipes, tips, tricks and more.
  2. Whole BodyGo organic with ease. Shop for our 365 Everyday Value® organic products (including whole grains, beans, frozen veggies and fruit), seek out sales, use coupons and scoop savings from bulk bins.
  3. Free expert advice. Our bi-monthly pocket guides in the Whole Body™ department feature easy-to-digest information on a variety of health and beauty topics.
  4. Wake up right. Oatmeal and other whole grain cereals allow you to enjoy a wholesome breakfast without breaking the bank.
  5. Freeze it forward. Make the most of fresh fruit when it’s on sale or overripe: clean, cut and freeze for future smoothies and breakfast bowls.
  6. No premium pricing. Look for the Premium Body Care® logo on 365 Everyday Value® body care products and balance value with the best options in body care.
  7. Bulk up. From nuts and grains to dried fruit and beans, buy only the amount you need at great prices from our bulk bins.
  8. Rev up your engine. Fuel your body by cooking with whole, plant-based foods or enjoy the healthy convenience of the new Engine 2 Plant-Strong™ products.
  9. Bang for your buck. Foods like whole grains, beans, lentils and fresh or frozen fruits and veggies give you more nutrients for less cash. See our 20 suggestions for beans and grains for inspiration.
  10. It pays to plan. Creating a meal plan before you shop is a key ingredient for healthy, hearty and wallet-friendly meals. We’ve even created one week for you!
  11. Batch cooking. Cook beans and grains — quinoa, spelt, barley, rice — when you have the time for fast and healthy meals later.
  12. Get out there. High gym costs shouldn’t stop you from exercising. Walk the dog, go sledding and take the stairs.
  13. Save in season. Citrus fruits and dark leafy greens are in season now. Make the most of it by trying new varieties as they go on sale.

The Whole DealLooking for more for less? Check out The Whole Deal value guide for Sure Deals, more than $53 in coupons, 10 new budget-friendly recipes, a daily meal planner and money-saving tips.

Your turn. What’s your favorite tip for reaching your fiscal and/or physical wellness goals?


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Susan says …

Love your suggestions! So excited about the Engine 2 products! I was in the Louisville, KY store yesterday and did not see the products, however, I did not know to look.. Did I miss the products, or are they coming soon to that location?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@SUSAN - We're happy you're looking forward to trying the E2 products! The E2 options should be available in all of our stores. Make sure and ask a team member next time you are shopping as they will be placed in their appropriate aisle dependent on the type of product! Let us know what you think after trying them out!

Marisa Procopio says …

My favorite tip sounds crazy, but here it is: I've been making myself a salad every night for dinner. But I make sure it's not boring because I add such yummy things to it: Lacinato kale, black beans, part skim organic mozzarella, herbed tofu, chopped walnuts and my homemade hot pepper oil plus salt. Shredded chicken or fish makes a really special addition. I actually look forward to this every day! mcproco.wordpress.com