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B Stands for FUN with Whole Kids Foundation

Some of my very favorite things in the world start with the letter “B”. There’s berries, beaches, beets, bikes, bees, barns, breeze, books…and BRUNCH!

Whole Kids Foundation® is giving some love to the letter B with this month’s kids’ activities.

Our Kids’ Activities: Free and Fun!

Created to help connect your kids to their food, these monthly activities offer cool tools to open the doors of healthy conversation. We’ve learned that talking about healthy eating during table time leads to open mouths asking for more nutritious veggies and fruits, please!

Check out February’s tools from Whole Kids Foundation:

Better Bites: Brown Rice

Better Bites are online lessons that make it easy to get more nutrition in every bite, and the brown rice edition is full of fibrous fun. Get to the germ of the brown rice versus white rice debate with this great read. My favorite tip: spread cooked brown rice on a cookie sheet and freeze – makes healthier meals super easy! Download Better Bites: Brown Rice (PDF).

Brown Rice

Kids Book Club: Bee-Bim Bop, by Linda Sue Park

Bee-bim bop is one tasty dish and the book by Linda Sue Park is pretty great, too! Our partner Jumpstart put together some reading tips for parents to help guide them through healthy conversations they can stir up from this fun read and more. Whole Kids Foundation offers a healthy and yummy activity based on the story, too. Take a look at all the Kids Book Club activity sheets and download the guide for Bee-Bim Bop (PDF).

Kid’s Book Club: Bee-Bim Bop, by Linda Sue Park

Hands-on Recycled Art: Veggie Bingo

Make the most of your indoor activities by playing “Veggie Bingo” from our partner ScrapKins. Using resources from your recycle bin, you’ll be playing towards healthy conversation in no time. And who doesn’t love to yell “BINGO!”? Download Veggie Bingo (PDF) and check out all the other fun activities from ScrapKins.

Veggie Bingo

What are some of your favorite bodacious, boisterous and bonding activities with kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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