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Krista Potter says ...
I run to be an inspiration to my daughters, ages 5 and 18-months, who love to watch me run. There's no better feeling than seeing their sweet faces cheer me alongside the road.
08/15/2013 2:32:43 PM CDT
Christie Peters says ...
I run to stay healthy and be a strong example for my two pre-teen daughters.
08/16/2013 12:59:13 AM CDT
Charen says ...
I run because I want to live longer and it help me clear my head whenever i RUN
08/16/2013 3:13:44 PM CDT
Anonymous says ...
Hi, will you be releasing the winners soon? Thanks!
08/17/2013 3:51:41 PM CDT
Thomas Truong says ...
Hi Jennifer, I was just wondering if you have already chosen the winners of this contest and if you were going to post them up soon. Thanks and have a great day!
08/19/2013 11:44:18 AM CDT
Clara mireles says ...
I want to be there next year. :)
11/08/2013 8:33:30 AM CST
Josie Evans says ...
I run to show my kids you don't have to be born with talent to be good at something. All it takes is a plan, the determination and the will to succeed. I finish every race I start and they watch me finish so they can see what commitment and hard work is about. I run to be close to my husband - it has become a shared love for both of us. He is faster than me but when we are going together he and I match pace. I speed up a bit and he slows down. Running is something of a constant help for me. I love it.
12/18/2013 12:16:36 PM CST
Elaine Jeffries says ...
I enjoy running as a way to celebrate life and health
12/18/2013 7:24:58 PM CST