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Body Care Products to be Proud Of

By Malia Curran, September 25, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Malia Curran

Foaming Hand SoapIt might sound strange to say that I am proud of my grocery store. Proud of my kids, yes; but my grocery store? Indeed it’s true, and I have to tell you one of the biggest reasons has to do with body care — Premium Body Care™ to be exact. 

If you haven’t yet heard of them, check out Whole Foods Market®’s Premium Body Care standards. Products that meet these standards are not only better for our families, but also better for the environment.  I’m proud that Whole Foods Market created these standards. But the fact that many of the products in our own 365 Everyday Value® line meets these premium standards, and they’re also among the most affordable body care products on our shelves, really deserves a gold star (yes, in our house the fridge has an “award chart” for good behavior, and gold stars are prized possessions!).

With no regulation of the word “natural” on a label, there’s lots of confusion about what “natural” actually means. That’s why Whole Foods Market decided to develop their own standards for high-quality personal care; so concerned customers could have something to count on.   

To develop these standards, our experts spent years reviewing scientific research and examining each and every personal care ingredient in Whole Body™. Using the most current safety and efficacy data, they evaluate each product that bears the Premium Body Care logo, searching for excellence in four key areas: quality sourcing, environmental impact, safety and results.

Premium Body CareThere are now over 3000 products that are formulated to the Premium Body Care standards and that number continues to grow, You’ll find shampoos, conditioners, lotions and baby care products, to mention just a few. They are the most exceptional personal care products available. You won’t see the Premium Body Care logo if a product has any of the 400+ unacceptable ingredients, including parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates.

Limiting questionable ingredients in my family’s personal care products is important to me because skin matters. It’s not only the largest detoxification organ in the body, it also helps regulate body temperature, hydrate and protect internal organs. Plus, what goes on our skin can potentially go into our bodies (not to mention what goes down the drain into the environment and water supply.) It’s a priority for young children especially, since children’s skin is sensitive and vulnerable to irritation sometimes caused by artificial colors, preservatives and scents.

And since science never stops, our experts in body care quality standards continue to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs. The Premium Body Care standards are designed to evolve as new science-based studies and research come to light. They consider them as a starting point, a work in progress, an opportunity to raise the bar ever higher.

And that’s why I’m proud of my grocery store. Now where’d I put that gold star?

Have you tried a Premium Body Care product yet, or do you have a favorite? Let me know!



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Robert says ...
Theodent fluoride-free toothpaste! It is by far the best toothpaste i've ever used. As far as I know, it is only sold at Whole Foods!
09/26/2012 3:40:05 PM CDT
Jason Lees says ...
Thank you Whole Foods for caring Theodent toothpaste. My eyes have been opened about chemicals like fluoride and the need for better products like Theodent to be available at a hometown grocer.
09/26/2012 3:52:25 PM CDT
crorey says ...
I love the fact that a local product, using a practical application of academic research, is stocked on your shelves. Theodent is just a neat product, and one that is going to revolutionize the toothpaste industry. They have worked to make their product one that is human rights friendly, and uses natural products in a new way. I am seriously impressed that you have the foresight to stock it.
09/26/2012 3:53:25 PM CDT
Aaron R. says ...
Theodent is a great toothpaste that I love buying at Whole Foods. I've noticed that my smile is brighter and my teeth don't stain when I drink red wine. Plus - no flouride!
09/26/2012 3:54:26 PM CDT
Marina says ...
I love theodent toothpaste, found it there at the whole foods and after the first try I was hooked.. Please keep this product in stock. Thanks
09/26/2012 4:44:22 PM CDT
Katherine says ...
Theodent Toothpaste....so glad Whole Foods carries it! My teeth are less sensitive since using it. When you can get your 21 year old son to buy it himself...and he gets a friend to, you know you have a fantastic product! Just talked to a friend who is battling cancer about using it on Sat afternoon and she went straight to Whole Foods and bought a tube! This stuff is going to sell itself!!!
09/26/2012 4:47:12 PM CDT
Erin Ribka says ...
Theodent! My whole family loves it, especially the kids. And we love that it is safe for kids (fluoride free) and better for their teeth (and ours). Best of all, it's a real, local, grassroots entrepreneur story (and our closest friends and neighbors have something to do with that). We love Theodent!
09/26/2012 4:58:57 PM CDT
Michele says ...
I love Theodent toothpaste. My teeth are less sensitive, and my kids just had great dental check ups. So glad that you are carrying it because it is a local product too.
09/26/2012 5:11:33 PM CDT
Jonathan says ...
I love Theodent it may so strange it comes from chocolate and its good for your teeth. I love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone. As of now you can only buy this product at Whole Foods. Overall its a great toothpaste. Love it!!
09/26/2012 5:44:29 PM CDT
Sue Ellwood says ...
I am so glad you are carrying the new Theodent toothpaste! It is exciting to be able to try a new local product and I really like the way it makes my teeth feel. Thanks
09/26/2012 5:57:57 PM CDT
Joanna says ...
As a hygienist I love recommending Theodent to my patients. The fact that the paste will remineralize and desensitize enamel is amazing. I am also able to offer Theodent to my patients that are senitive to gluten.What positive power points...gluten free and fluoride free. Thanks.
09/26/2012 8:38:42 PM CDT
Patti says ...
Love Theodent! Wouldn't use any thing else! And for once my kids love it too!
09/26/2012 10:41:39 PM CDT
Anne says ...
I am a huge fan of your 365 facial cleanser and facial moisturizer. As an avid label reader and user of very expensive skin care products over many years including most of the department store brands (Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc.) I have found that your ingredients far surpass these brands. The last few years, I have used Cetaphil facial cleanser and an expensive online organic, natural moisturizer. Although, I liked both products, your facial care system exceeds their ingredient content and your price is unbeatable. What I love most about your 365 moisturizer is that is can be used all over the face, including eyes and lips. (No more having to buy an extra eye cream, etc.) I have one facial cleanser by the sink and one in the shower. They last a very long time because you just need to use a small amount in the palm of your hand to apply to your face. I am guessing that each bottle lasts about 4 months and it is the same with the facial moisturizer. Also, the enclosed pump plastic bottles ensure that the product stays pure and is not contaminated by bacteria through use. Thanks for an exceptionally high quality product at an affordable price.
10/01/2012 8:22:40 AM CDT
dede says ...
10/01/2012 11:00:43 PM CDT
Larissa says ...
Thank you Whole foods! Theodent has changed the way my children brush their teeth! Our WHOLE family uses this product!! My 2,4,6 &8 year old do not fuss! I've thrown away the cartoon toothpaste by their request! So happy to share my improved oral Heath! Keep stocking!!
10/03/2012 7:12:34 AM CDT
kathy klein says ...
i would love it if you would pls. start selling the new toothpaste, Theodent
10/03/2012 9:13:55 AM CDT
trinity says ...
I went to whole foods in Seattle searching for Theodent toothpaste and they did not have it. I am upset!
10/09/2012 10:43:07 PM CDT
susan says ...
Do you carry lavender oil?
10/21/2012 5:19:26 AM CDT
Michelle Lerner says ...
Your California stores carry skin care products from capernaumvista. Do you carry their line?
11/13/2012 2:47:31 PM CST
Allison says ...
I love Theodent toothpaste. Please carry it at more stores.
03/09/2013 12:51:16 AM CST
Anna Kogan says ...
Can someone provide the price for Theodent kids please?
09/24/2014 1:38:02 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@ANNA - Our prices differ between stores. Check with your local store to find out their pricing!
09/24/2014 4:33:37 PM CDT
Puden D. says ...
I wasted a lot of time trying to find something on your website. I was liooking for a product that I usually buy at Whole Foods. I tried searching for the product by name brand, by the name the mfr. calls it, and I tried to find your store brand version of the product, which I also buy at Whole Foods. No matter what I typed into your website search box, the website absolutely refused to show me what I wanted. No matter what I put in the search box, the website showed me things that I did not want. I called my local store and asked why the site does that, and the guy beat around the bush, and refused to give me a straight answer. I pointed out to him that a website does not do anything that it was not programmed to. Your guy said that it was not programmed to behave the way I described, and he continued beating around the bush. __So your website wasts people's time, and your guy in Santa Rosa is an evasive game-player and BSer. Next time I want a product that you sell, I'll buy it from your competitor.
01/15/2015 8:58:20 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@PUDEN - My apologies for the experience on our site. We do not currently offer online ordering on our website. We feature a limited amount of information about some of our Private Label products but we do not feature all products at each store since our inventory differs between every store location.
01/16/2015 1:45:13 PM CST
Tom michalak says ...
I was searching for a specific body care product I got at Whole Foods in ft. Lauderdale but to be honest; five minutes later and I'm still not shopping. This site isn't designed to actually arrange purchase or I'd have figured out by now how it is done! It's a running advertisement of your product specs, quality, Etc. I appreciate that but I just wanted to know if I could buy a product.
04/01/2015 8:36:42 AM CDT