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Colors of Spring: Green

Greetings, green!

Spring’s truest sign, green tells us that things are finally turning over; leaves uncurling in miniature on all those previously-bare branches.

The most tender (and tasty) bites of the season signal their arrival with a little shoot of green: Peas and radish tops, or brave asparagus stalks creeping up from the dark ground. The eyes of your littlest one open wide in wonder at what their green garden is growing.

Take a moment to just sit and be in the green grass. Maybe you’ll find your lucky clover.

#wfmspring #wfmspring #wfmspring

We’ve been asking our friends on Instagram to to share their #wfmspring colors. Take a look at what's growing green…


#wfmspring #wfmspring

#wfmspring#wfmspring #wfmspring

Follow us on Instagram for even more gorgeous greens with other colorful hues to come. Share your own photos to show how this springtime beauty shows up in your world by using the #WFMspring tag and become part of our "Colors of Spring" photo gallery.

We also have tons of green-spiration on our "Colors of Spring" Pinterest board. We've enlisted the help of our friends at Gaiam, Etsy, Refinery29, Pantone, Camille Styles and Saveur to ensure plenty of fabulous springtime ideas!

Where does green greet you? Tell us below or show us on Instagram with #wfmspring.

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Ronnie says …

Thank you for providing good organic products. I personally think Monsanto is deliberately trying to take control of the food supply. Without making this a gripe fest, my wife and i drive 85 miles to shop at Whole Foods in St. Louis, MO. Are there any plans to open a store in the Farmington, MO. area?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@RONNIE - AT this time we don't have anything slated for that area but we announce new stores each quarter so stay tuned!