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Cup This Coffee: Organic Honduras San Marcos

Allegro’s Organic Honduras San MarcosLast spring I took a trip to Honduras with the Allegro® sourcing team while they evaluated coffees from members of a farmer co-op. I’m excited to let you know that the much-anticipated result from that trip is now shareable with all of you! Allegro’s Organic Honduras San Marcos, a light roast with flavors of cocoa, brown sugar and butter, is now in stores for your brewing and sipping pleasure.

This Honduras San Marcos coffee comes from the COCASAM (Cooperativa Cafetalera Sanmarqueña) Co-operative, which consists of 106 organic farmers who live in and around the mountains of San Marcos de Colón. I was honored to meet many of these coffee farmers and to hear their stories about life on an organic coffee farm. For those of you who haven’t worked in the coffee industry, a standard method of evaluating coffees is a process called “cupping.” In this case, a cupping competition was organized to score each coffee, and winning farmers received money to reinvest in their farms. If you’re interested in learning more about the intricacies of cupping protocol, click here.

The coffee beans from contestants who chose to enter the coffee competition (46 samples total) were roasted to a specific level previously agreed upon for cupping, and then it began: a fast-paced process of pouring, slurping, tasting and scoring. You can watch the action in this video. 

Over the course of two days, all of the samples were evaluated on qualities such as aroma, acidity, body and flavor. In the discussion room, I overheard descriptions that ranged from “honey,” “crisp,” and “elegant” to “herbaceous” and in one sample’s case, a note of “green onion”! The afternoon before we left Honduras, we attended a big awards ceremony where each of the farmer’s contributions to COCASAM were acknowledged and prize money was awarded to the highest-scoring farmers.

From there, the sourcing team returned to Allegro home base and carefully selected from the high-scoring coffees (no doubt with several more rounds of sample roasting and cupping!) to bring Organic Honduras San Marcos to you.

I can’t wait to gift some of my family and friends with the coffee produced from my trip. Have you tried Organic Honduras San Marcos yet? I’d love to hear what you think.

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laurie veltri says …

I have been buying this coffee at Whole Foods here in Sarasota, FL., and they are not caring it anymore, it is the best coffee I have ever had, It's the only coffee that doe's not give me acid reflex, I want to order some, please let me know how I can do so, Thank you, Laurie Veltri.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LAURIE - So sorry your local store has not been carrying this. If the store doesn't have plans to carry it again, you can check with our store in Austin at 512-542-2243. If their store has it in stock, they can ship it to you!

Carolina says …

I can't find this coffee...Where can I found this coffee or place a order... I'm from Chattanooga, TN

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@CAROLINA - You can search for a specific location or buy on the Allegro website at http://www.allegrocoffee.com/store-locator.

Cheq says …

I'm in search of a coffee that does not process with regular salt. My right ankle swells after digesting foods with table salt, so after careful research I've reduced and eliminated table salt from my diet as best as I can and now season with Sea Salt or Kosher Salt... oh my what a difference already!!! Now if I can just find an organic coffee then I think that I'm home free again. Currently I've substituted my morning coffee with Ginger Tea or Green Tea with non dairy milk. Its ok, but I miss the tastes of my morning coffee. Is it possible to send a sample to my to see how my body responds to it before purchasing? Is salt a part of processing ground coffee? Any feedback is much appreciated.