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Dinnertime Theme Nights

If you can jazz up a party with a theme, why not do the same thing at your dinner table? Beat taste-bud boredom and take-out temptation with theme nights!

Plan ahead and make a meal schedule that takes into account the types of foods your family loves, then get creative. By planning ahead, you’ll cut down on the six o’clock scramble and be less likely to turn to take-out or eating out.

Bonus: theme nights are a great way to introduce new foods and flavors using the comfort of a familiar dish.

Here are a few theme night examples to get you started:

Baked PastaPasta Night

  • Description: Get the family involved! Kids can choose the shape, cheese and add-ins for a pasta meal.
  • Suggestion: Baked Pasta.
  • Money-saving tip: Dried pasta keeps for a while so look for sales and stock up on your favorite shapes.

Pie Night

Indian DalAround the World

For a few weeks designate Mondays “Sandwich Smorgasbord Night”, Tuesdays “Breakfast for Dinner” Night and Wednesdays “Dinner on a Stick Night”, and watch the payoff. You might just find that your family is more engaged in the meal planning process and that you’re less likely to turn to more expensive last-minute mealtime solutions.

Find more theme night ideas and tips for saving time and money in The Whole Deal® value guide.

Veggie Mondays. Seafood Saturdays. Stir-fry Sundays. Have you discovered the reward of theme nights yet? Tell me about it in the comments section below. 

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LuLu Craft says …

We have CORN night at least once a week...Clean out Refigerator Night LOL WORKS!!

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