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Easy Tips for the New Year: 5 Ways We Can Help

Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? We’ve got 31 tips to help you feel better. Be sure to check out the full calendar!

This week we’re sharing how we can help.  As America’s Healthiest Grocery Store™, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you eat well and feel great. Take advantage of support we offer on the path to healthy eating and cooking.

Wallet Health is Everywhere

365 Everyday ValueFind it in our bulk department, in 365 Everyday Value® products and in hundreds of sale items!

Really digging a particular product? Most stores offer case discounts, too – just visit the Customer Service desk for more information.

It’s True

Looking for foods with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners? That’s all we sell!

We’ve done our homework. If an ingredient is on our list of unacceptable ingredients, it doesn’t make it past our doors, and every product in our stores meets our rigorous quality standards.

Healthy = Value

Check out The Whole Deal® value guide in-store or online.

People are often surprised to learn we have coupons. Do we ever! January’s issue of The Whole Deal value guide has more than $50 in clickable, clippable coupons, plus budget recipes, a meal planner and money-saving tips.

You can even take a virtual value tour right here!

We Can Help!

Many of our stores have in-house healthy-eating specialists, healthy-eating tours, supper clubs and more.

Getting involved in your local store’s healthy-eating offerings is a great way to learn new tips and stay on track. Looking for a little digital support? Check out our extensive healthy-eating site.

All Year Long

Find great prices on responsibly-farmed salmon or tilapia. Simply season and bake for a quick dinner!

Our fishmongers can help you choose the best filets for your budget, or check out our many frozen offerings.

Looking for recipes? Try Baked Salmon with Lemon-Thyme Flaky Salt or Southwestern Baked Tilapia.

Tell us: how do you take advantage of what makes Whole Foods Market® different?


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Jeri Levitt says …

We are looking for canned foods that are organic and without BPA

Lori Peters says …

This was a fun and informative video. I think I overbuy produce and I don't plan my meals ahead of time. Then I grab anything. I also share my meal with my parrot and he loves veggies and fruits. I don't give him chicken cause that would make him a cannibal.

alex glade says …

Pasadena, CA Whole Foods store offers frequent Saturday tours on how to stretch your budget at Whole Foods. Why doesn't the Lakewood (Belmar), CO Whole Foods store do this?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JERI - Since our products vary between locations, check with your local store. They will be happy to help find you some!

Adrienne says …

What a helpful video! I am curious to know if Whole Foods allows you to combine their coupons with manufacturers' coupons. Also, can manufacturer coupons even be used, or just the WF coupons in the flyer.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@ADRIENNE - Great question. Yes, you are welcome to use manufacturers coupons at our stores pending the are not expired and qualify with the stipulations (quantity, etc.) on the coupon. Most stores will allow you to use a Whole Deal coupon in addition to a manufacturer coupon, however, I would encourage you to check with your local store to make sure. It can vary between locations.