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Easy Tips for the New Year: 9 Ways to Sneak in Nutrition

Looking for a little guidance through this month of oh-so-many expectations? Try these 9 easy tweaks and enjoy better-for-you-food without overhauling your life.

1. House Rule: Always eat a green salad when you eat pizza.

Whether you add a bunch of prewashed spring mix to a bowl and call it a day or make a big, beautiful salad with lots of stuff in it, make it a must to get greens in any time you indulge in a pizza pie. Try these or browse all our salads.

Big Beautiful Salad with Lemon-Miso Dressing

2. Bake On. Add texture and flavor to baked goods with whole grain flours. Go wild with barley, whole wheat, spelt or quinoa flour.

New to these flours? Pick up just what you need from our bulk bins and give them a try in these recipes.

3. Smoothie Addition. A dash of oats in a morning smoothie boosts fiber and lasting satisfaction, like in this Blueberry Muffin Smoothie.


4. Simple Salsas Add mucho flavor, nada fat. Serve salsa over rice and beans, sweet potatoes, eggs, tofu or fish. 

Pick up a jar of your favorite fiery topping for convenience’s sake or learn to make your own. It’s super easy -- just get chopping.

Learn to Cook: Fresh Salsa

5. More is More! Healthify that soup or stew by adding shredded kale, cabbage or whole grains.

Here’s how Chef Derek bulks up Beef, Bean and Veggie Chili with a little bulgur wheat.

6. In the Green. Load up on frozen greens. Add to morning smoothies or boost nutrients in prepared soups or omelets.

Double Green Smoothie

7. Flavorful Steam-Fry. Juice up your wok by cooking with a splash of orange juice instead of oil. A bit of garlic and chile kicks in flavor!

Watch Chef Chad demonstrate this technique, and then try it in these recipes.

8. Healthy = Tasty! Season food with dry or fresh herbs, spices, flavored vinegar or a squeeze of fresh citrus.

9. Put Some Beans On It. Keep canned or cooked beans handy and add to meals for extra flavor and fiber.

Just throw some on a salad or as an addition to canned soup or take a look at how Chef Chad uses beans three ways.

So tell us, what’s your favorite way to sneak a little extra oomph into meals?


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Allen says …

I think one of the best ways to beef up the nutrition - especially if you drink green smoothies, is to add some superfoods in them. At Whole Foods, you can grab some chia seeds, flax seeds or goji berries in the bulk section and then add them to your smoothies. The superfoods won't change the taste of the smoothie but will add tons of important minerals and nutrients. I put together some super easy resolutions for 2013 for food and fitness on my blog - here is a link: http://www.letstalkfitness.com/healthy-resolutions-for-2013 I know WF will continue to be a big part of my healthy transformation in 2013.

Lisa says …

I ALWAYS eat a salad with pizza. Besides that I crave greens, I like having the salad because it makes it easy to limit the slices.

brnw432 says …

Adding cooked chopped kale/Swiss chart/spinach/collards into meat loaves, meatballs, soups, stews, chili, sauces, casseroles. When baking, adding ground flax seeds, wheat germ, oat bran, using whole grains, substituting plain yogurt for some of the fat and/or multiple eggs (1/4 cup yogurt per egg substitute); using half the sugar called for and more spices and flavorings.

Anna says …

Another good sub that works with most baking is replacing half of the butter or oil with unsweetened applesauce!

Julia says …

I made the blueberry smoothie this morning with added spinach! So yummy :)

Melissa Blackson says …

I love this article! Most of the time when we think about healthier eating, we focus on what to take away from our diets. I like how this article emphasizes what to add. As we fill up on the good things, there is less room, or desire, for the junk. Thanks.

Kate says …

I am a terrible cook, who grew up in a meat and potatoes family, who is also lazy.... so easy/quick/brain-less ways to amp up the healthiness of my meals and force more vegetables into my diet is super important to me. I buy fresh baby spinach by the tub (not your grandmothers gritty spinach I have learned!!) and add it to virtually everything - to rice or quinoa in the rice-cooker, any store-bought soups, eggs, pasta sauce... who cares! Throw in 3 handfuls! I have discovered Baby Kales are awesome for this too! I am now a fan of flavored olive oils (garlic, lemon, herb) that amp up flavor of anything - especially when sauteing greens! I recently made my first homemade soup - the kind you just throw all your 'teetering on the edge of yuck' vegetables into, usually with shredding off a left-over roasted chicken. Finally - I blow too much $$ on those veggie party trays - BUT since I actually EAT those veggies vs finding their produce bagged cousins turning to mush hidden away in the crisper - it doesn't end up being a 'waste'! Cheers To 2013 and another year of Easier healthy eating!

The Kitchen Edition says …

Love, love, love rule/tip number 1. That is the go to rule in my house and I think it has conditioned my kids to crave a green salad full of veggies whenever we have pizza. Good food habits have to start at home and have to start early. kitchenedition.blogspot.com

Marilyn says …

If you're in a rush, add some beans to your homemade soups or to your canned soups. It adds fiber, tastes great, too.

Marisa Procopio says …

Hi Elizabeth, I agree with brnw432 about sugar. When I bake breakfast foods like muffins and scones, I always cut the sugar at least in half. I started doing it to be healthier, but it was a smart move anyway; I've noticed I taste the flavors of the other ingredients more when there's less sugar. Great piece! mcproco.wordpress.com