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john morley says ...
what type of turkeys are available for this thanksgiving
10/30/2012 6:59:20 PM CDT
Megan says ...
@JOHN Selection varies depending on your region and store, so please check with your store's Customer Service desk or meat department for information regarding types of turkeys. Thanks!
11/01/2012 9:53:46 AM CDT
Ted Begnaud says ...
All, I'm so excited !
11/01/2012 2:17:12 PM CDT
Barbara Franklin says ...
Are any of these gluten free and without MSG, hidden or otherwise?
11/01/2012 3:45:00 PM CDT
Irene Martin says ...
Any plans to add vegan pizza to the frozen list? I buy the one with cheese and mushrooms on it from the counter at the Long Beach location and it's so good!
11/02/2012 2:43:14 AM CDT
Isabelle says ...
Is this frozen range gm free like your 365 and organic range, since nothing else seems gm free guaranteed at whole foods.
11/02/2012 11:20:12 AM CDT
Clare Coughlan says ...
hi whole foods. question. i am always really sad about my weight. if i eat these foods will they make me fat??? i know all foods make you fat but will these make me extra fat?? just let me know quickly before i eat them all. thank you
11/03/2012 12:36:10 PM CDT
Debra Copes says ...
There are reports that ur perpaird food is made in China and we know what they do there. The led in kids toys. They don't care about the US and ur health.
11/03/2012 2:26:00 PM CDT
Alex says ...
Fantastic product line! Everything we have tried so far has been super delicious and fast. Pizzas are terrific - nice thin crust (much better than bread-like crust on 365 line), delicious toppings and are so easy to prepare. Fettuccini Alfredo and Fettuccini Alfredo de Formaggi are incredible - better than in most high-end Italian restaurants. Easy to prepare as well, great fridge life and most importantly, my son cleans up the plate every time we make it :). Great job WFM for bringing us these wonderful products from Italy!!! I also look forward to trying Asian selection very soon. Please don't change anything :)))
12/11/2012 10:27:20 PM CST
crystal white says ...
Your frozen foods are very good, but I wish they can be less sodium and less sugar, May be you can make another line of frozen with less sodium and sugar.
12/15/2012 3:38:25 PM CST
brian says ...
OMG these are all Delicious started with the pizza I can not get enough of them thank you
01/11/2013 7:06:57 PM CST
connie olson says ...
this is a great product line..I wish there were more Indian Entrees and Mexican
04/20/2013 12:21:55 PM CDT
howard montgomery says ...
Can I order frozen dinners to be delivered?
06/21/2013 12:40:06 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@HOWARD - At this time we do not have a way to ship perishable items. Check with your local store as they might be able to deliver them to you home, but at this time, no shipping options.
06/21/2013 12:15:19 PM CDT
Zach says ...
I tried the frozen Beef with Broccoli. Why do they add stevia extract?! It ruins it. At least put a big clear disclosure that it uses sweetening alternatives. I am disappointed. I love that I don't have to read every single ingredient label at wholefoods but perhaps that has changed.
04/08/2015 11:28:18 AM CDT