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Fun Fall Foods to Make with Kids

Cooler weather and the return to routine calls for a return to the kitchen as well. Fall is a great time to introduce the family to new flavors, especially when incorporating fresh produce.

As a mom, I know that getting my son to eat a variety of foods can be challenging, but I’ve found one surefire way to make sure dinner is gobbled up instead of pushed around on the plate. What’s the secret? Getting your kids in the kitchen with you!

Depending on the age of your child, you can involve them in different ways. It starts by bringing them to the market with you and talking about what you might cook that week. Shopping at Whole Foods Market® means you can taste many of the items before you buy them (just ask a Team Member!) and talk with your kids about the flavor or how you would use that ingredient.

At home, let your little ones help by retrieving ingredients, peeling vegetables or fruit, or mixing up batter. OK, yes, you will probably need to keep some towels close by for cleaning up, but after some practice they’ll be on their way to cooking for you instead of with you.

Want some recipes to help you and your kids cook together? Here’s a few suggestions.

Once roasted, winter squash is sweet for all ages. Let the kids create a DIY taco bar complete with Roasted Butternut Squash, black beans and fresh salsa. Or try these other squash recipes:

Winter Squash Crostini Winter Squash and Apple Soup

Kids love chicken nuggets, so have them dip raw chicken pieces in yogurt and crunchy coating for Crunchy Homemade Chicken Nuggets. (Make sure they wash up after handling raw chicken! It’s an opportunity to talk about the importance of kitchen cleanliness.) Check out these other poultry options:

Chicken Tetrazzini

Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Maple Green Beans Sheet-Pan Dinner Chicken and Broccoli Stir-fry

Foods that are kid-sized are often more accessible to children’s palates. Our Macaroni and Three Cheese Lunch Muffins fit the bill, and can be packed up for a special lunchbox meal. Looking for other lunchbox treats? Here’s a few:

Whole Grain Mini Pizzas

Chocolate Earth Balls

Spend a Saturday mixing up breakfasts for the rest of the week. Carrot Apple Muffins are delicious and can also be served as a snack or wholesome dessert. We’ve got more muffin options, too:

Sweet Potato Graham Muffins

Pumpkin and Millet Muffins Blueberry Spelt Muffins

Do you cook with your kids? I’d love to hear about your favorite family recipes!


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Aubrey says …

I'll have to try this on my husband! I love the idea of teaching kids how to taste food and think critically about what they are buying!

Becky Dawson says …

We love to cook, the whole family. My 10 year old son cooks dinner every Monday, we acquire a recipe, he goes shopping for the ingredients, puts on the dog apron and begins. We modify the recipes to make sure it is gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and sodium free and with all the newly modified recipes we published his dinner cookbook that we created as a family (The Everything-Free Cookbook by Andrew Dawson). Now his 6 year old sister has started baking with me on Friday afternoons and she would like to make an Everything-Free Breakfast and Dessert cookbook. It really has been a wonderful experience and they can't get enough.

Shannon says …

These recipes look perfect for little ones (and their parents!), and what a great idea to have them help in the kitchen. I know my daughter will LOVE this!

surmeet says …

Very nice

nctwinmom says …

Would love to see more grain free recipes for kids

Jonesha says …

Hi , I have a 16 month old toddler she loves too eat everything can you help me out with diff ways I can cook and make for her healthy food and good ideas for veggies and fruit or just dinner meals