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Get Your Morning Veggies

At breakfast, it’s easy to include luscious berries and fragrant melons, but don’t forget the hardworking and beautiful vegetables we often save for later in the day. Adding vegetables to breakfast is an easy (and tasty) way to pack in more nutrition.

Try tossing sautéed greens (use frozen for extra quick results) into scrambles, fold roasted veggies into breakfast tacos, spread mashed avocado on toast and top with loads of shredded carrots or sneak greens into morning smoothies – the possibilities are endless.

Get your veggies at every meal of the day – we’ll show you how.

Get Your Greens Smoothie

Spanish Tortilla with Roasted Peppers and Spinach

Double Green Smoothie

How do you get your veggies in the morning? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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dana says …

great idea! it would be great to find in-store options as well. i bought a ready-made egg/cheese/bacon breakfast sandwich this morning, but i would have chosen one that had veggies in it if it was an option.

daphne says …

Finally............an acknowledgement of veggies for breakfast. My fave is a tomato sandwich.......grilled bread, mayo, sliced toms, topped with micro greens. When I eat later, about 11AM, I add spicy anchovies......plus a small 2oz glass of vino. Great retired brunch.

Nancy says …

My favorite weekday (workday) breakfast is wild arugula, homemade tabouli, chopped tomato and 2% cottage cheese. Sometimes I put a tablespoon of kimchi in it, to spice it up.

neely brown says …

While visiting London, we discovered many people there eat loads of veggies for breakfast. After returning home, we now will saute loads of veggies--onions, mushrooms, broccoli, kale, spinach, etc-- and add egg whites, or regular eggs, turkey sausage, canadian bacon and wow!!! it's very filling and we have really lost weight because we are full for the rest of the day! So delicious!!!

Rachel says …

Green smoothies with plant based protein powder!

lisa knutson says …

I put mine into my morning smoothie with a few berries...spinach, carrots, kale, whatever I have. If I don't have anything fresh, I've used frozen greens... and then you don't need ice cubes. Can't even taste it. Good way to use the fennel leaves/stock. I use half veggies half fruit.

Patricia McKeever says …

I saute in olive oil, some celery, kale (or spinach), bok choy, red sweet peppers, mushrooms until partially cooked, then pour one or two egg scrambled over the mixture, cover then let it steam for a minute. Flip it, cover again and steam for 30 seconds. Then top with salsa or green onions. Really, really good. I sometimes prep the veggies the night before, then it only takes about 5-7 minutes to cook.

Lisa Alley says …

Veggie omelets are a great way to start your day while ensuring you get an adequate amount of nutrients from vegetables per day.