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Grill-Ready Favorites

Load up on charcoal or gas up the grill! The heart of the summer awaits. From grill-ready favorites to the perfect ingredients for your cookout, we’ve got the good stuff for you in our meat case. Here are a few inside tips, on how we can help make the grilling easy on you this season.

Stuffed Burgers


Ready to try something new? My latest favorite grilling adventure is the stuffed burger! You know how you usually have to wait to add delicious toppings after your burgers are cooked? I think waiting is the hardest part when the smell of freshly grilled meat is in the air. Turn those “toppings” into “stuffings” and you eliminate the wait! Plus, it’s just a yummy way to eat them.

If you like mushrooms and onions on your burger, sauté them up and put them inside the raw burger meat. If jalapeño cheddar is your thing, stuff it inside before throwing on the fire. If you don’t have time or desire to prep or fancy up your burger, we’ve got you covered. We have a great selection of ready-to-cook burgers and sliders at the meat counter. Some are stuffed, some are seasoned and some are plain.  Put a spin on the backyard burger, mix and match and send everyone home happy. 

Stuffed burgers will typically be a bit larger and require a little more finesse on the grill. Start with a nice sear and cook the same amount of time as a normal patty, about 4-5 minutes a side for a typical Whole Foods Market half pounder (raw weight). Then, move the stuffed burger off the direct flame and let them continue to cook for an additional 4-5 minutes, perhaps a little longer if you got ambitious with the stuffing.  Always test the internal temperature of your meat for the desired doneness. 



The flavor of grilled chicken that’s been seasoned or marinated is fantastic. Yet marinating oftentimes is a commitment that our busy lives just can’t afford, and we want to make that part easier for you. We marinate in these specially designed vacuum tumblers that allow for deep penetration of the marinade into the meat to impart a tremendous amount of flavor in a short amount of time. The right tool for the job!

A favorite at my house are seasoned drumsticks and thighs. I also do a lot of split fryers on the grill or in a smoker. This is a more cost effective way to get my grilled chicken fix.

Butcher Tip: Ask any of our butchers and we will gladly cut whole chickens to your specifications — split, quartered, spatchcocked or boned out, we do it all.



These are the simplest of all. Sausages — we call them “grill-warmers” — cook up quickly and are super easy to serve. Dinner on the table in a flash. We offer a wide variety of types of meat (pork, chicken, lamb, bison, etc.) and lots of flavors (mild, spicy, garlic, etc.). Exact offerings vary so check your store’s meat case to see what house-made sausages they have for your cookout. Serve up on their own, in a bun, on a tortilla or slice up as great appetizers.

Hope these ideas get you moving to your grill with a bit more ease. Visit our Grilling Guide for tips and tricks to help make your grilling adventure a success.

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michael purcell says …

Do you have Turkey sausage?

joe says …

your steaks: are they "prime" or "choice?"

Michael T Gannon says …

Loved this website and the info. I've long been a shopper at Whole Foods and enjoyed these tips.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JOE - We don't use those terms exactly as we focus on animal welfare standards for our meat. We have a 5 step Global Animal Welfare Standards that go above and beyond our basic set of quality standards. You can read more at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/about-our-products/quality-standards/animal-welfare-standards.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@MICHAEL - While our products differ between stores, this is something that we should have in some variety at each store. Check with your local store to see what options they carry!

kristin says …

do you have chicken and beef kabobs already made? do i need to order ahead?

Christine Stesney says …

I am looking for a tri-tip roast. Do you have that?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@CHRISTINE - While our options vary between stores, that should be a common cut we carry. Check with your local store to make sure!

Simon Knox says …

I recently puchase several beef and chicken kabobs along with some sweet onion hamburgers. To put it mildly they were absolutely great. My family enjoyed them more than I expected, even my normally reluctant 9 year old asked for seconds. Since this was my first experience buying meats from Whole Foods, it definitely will not be my last. I would like to thank the butchers in the West Orange, NJ store for some great cuts and tasty ideas. Simon Knox


Do you carry fresh duck breast ?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@SIDNEY - The exact products in our stores will vary. Reach out directly to the store you plan to visit and they'll be happy to help you!

Jeff Burgess says …

Do you sell shaved steak for Philly Cheesesteaks?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JEFF - Our products vary so check with your local store directly to see what they have in stock!

teresa roberts says …

Grilling is better for your health and it fun to do