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Hanukkah Helpers

Latkes and Sufganiyot and kugel, oh my! While you’ve been dreaming about your favorite Hanukkah flavors, we've been working hard to meet your holiday needs. Whether you’re looking for seasonal staples or the best organic and gourmet offerings, Whole Foods Market® is a one-stop shop for kosher items this holiday season, naturally.

Now is the time to get shopping for all the good stuff you need to make it a deliciously memorable holiday. Take a look at some of the seasonal must-haves and then shop with ease knowing that these holiday favorites meet our strict quality standards, which means they don’t have any hydrogenated fats or artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners, among other unacceptable ingredients.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the kosher favorites that we’ve stocked so you can stock up:

Seasonal Staples

Potato pancake mix from Streit's®. Since 1925, when Aron Streit opened his first matzo bakery, Streit’s has been a premiere purveyor of kosher foods. Being a family owned and run company, they have a strong sense of tradition and also understand the importance of using “clean” ingredients that meet your standards and ours.

Organic Concord Grape Juice from Kedem. A family business for eight generations, Kedem is the leading brand of traditional kosher grape juice. It’s easy to see (or taste!) why. When you pour a glass, you get 100% pure juice from Concord grapes with no sugar added. (For those of you who incorporate

Kedem Noodles. Imported from Israel, these noodles are made from potatoes and don’t contain wheat, eggs, corn, rice or soy. They’re perfect for your noodle kugel.

Gefen Applesauce. This natural, unsweetened applesauce is a tasty topping for Pear and Sweet Potato Latkes — or enjoy a bowl all on its own!

Hanukkah Milk or Dark Chocolate Gelt from Divine Chocolate. Looking for greater gelt? Kosher certified, these are made with the finest responsibly traded cocoa butter, guaranteeing you a tasty advantage and cocoa farmers an equitable deal.

Meating Your Needs

Select stores also offer antibiotic-free kosher poultry options from Kosher Valley™ including fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens and freshly ground chicken and turkey options, which are all certified by the Orthodox Union and the K'hal Adath Jeshurun. In addition, all of our chicken and turkey suppliers are rated according to Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating standards.

Finally, don’t forget the Hanukkah candles. And remember, this is just a taste of the kosher options we hope will light your way to a delectable holiday. Because much of our sourcing is done locally and regionally, contact your local Whole Foods Market to learn more about their kosher selection or reach out to them with suggestions.

What are your favorite Hanukkah flavors? I’d love to hear them…better yet, taste them!

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Rachel says …

I greatly appreciated seeing the Chanukah cookies in your bakery this weekend. Thank you, Whole Foods!

Bonnie Cetinkaya says …

Our family would love to see some zabiha halal items. These are foods acceptable to eat by Muslims. We Shop there for most of our groceries now it would be nice to buy a meat there also


Did you all know that Gilfilter Fish originally came from Lithuania! Then to America via New York... Enjoy!

bernice victor-smith says …

can't wait to visit your store and will do so soon - will you carry any kosher meats/chicken in the future?

Suzanne tishkoff says …

This should have been sent last week. Hanukkah is half over.i use dark brown sugar 1 tsp brandy and lots of-cinnamon in applesauce..divine. Make curried sweet potatoes and zucchini with avery little bit of fat more healthful! (Latkes)

Linda Essner says …

thank you for stocking kosher products in your store.

Marcia Lynn Lafferman says …

Love, Love, Love Jewish food period! It's one of my 3 top favorite kinds of food, the other 2 are seafood and Chinese food.

MIchelle says …

Which of your stores in Washington, DC carries Kosher Valley poultry?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@MICHELLE - As our products vary between store locations, unfortunately I do not have a database of items at each location. If you call a store in the D.C. area, they'll be happy to let you know if that is a brand they offer in their region. You can call our P Street location at 202.332.4300.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@BERNICE - I would suggest reaching out to your local store to see what Kosher varieties they will have to offer!

Kate Koester says …

As a member of the Fair Trade Gelt Campaign we are galvanizing the Jewish community to end child slavery in the chocolate industry. I want to thank you for carrying Fair Trade gelt in your stores! Please learn more about our campaign here: https://www.facebook.com/fairtradegelt Thank you, Kate

Eugene Collins says …

I was watching a KCET program about certified Dairy products and one name mentioned was Broguiere's and that it was available at your stores. The program was a number of years old and I wondered if you still carry the the products and at which store.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@EUGENE - Since our products differ between stores, it will vary. Check with your local store to see if they currently have this in stock, they will be happy to help!