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Whole Kids Foundation; Kids Cooking

Just like a tiny seed landing in the right place can grow a towering tree, a single dollar given in the right place can sprout a healthy future for a child.

During September, when you donate to the Whole Kids Foundation® “Growing Healthy Kids” campaign at Whole Foods Market, every penny goes directly to help provide school garden and salad bar grants, as well as nutrition and wellness education for teachers. All of these programs further the nonprofit organization’s healthy mission: helping kids eat better and enjoy it.

Whole Kids Foundation; Kids At Lunch in School

Support the “Growing Healthy Kids” campaign in three easy ways:

1. Make Change with Your Change

Make a donation in any denomination at the cash register when you check out at Whole Foods Market. Just $3 buys a pair of kid-sized garden gloves, $4 buys a veggie peeler, $1 provides a serving spoon — even just rounding up your grocery bill to the next dollar will help provide more of the healthy tools schools use for their gardens and salad bars.

In the last three years, with help from friends like you, we’ve raised more than 12.9 million dollars that funded 3,381 school salad bar grants and 2,116 school garden grants and served more than 2.7 million students!

2. Shop Like You Mean It

Your dollar does double duty when you choose products from vendors that donate a portion of each purchase to Whole Kids Foundation, including: Annie’s, Applegate, Cascadian Farm, Lady Moon Farms, Lug Life, Organic Valley, Roots, Rudi’s Organic Bakery, Suja and others.

To find these products, just look for the product displays and donation signs when you shop at Whole Foods Market. It’s stuff you need anyway, so you might as well support healthy kids with your purchase!

3. Find Fall Fun in Store & Online

Check out your local store’s online calendar for a list of upcoming Kids’ Club activities and events. Visit the Whole Kids Foundation website to find activities that create opportunities for healthy conversations at home or in the classroom, including Better Bites activities and recipes, book club reads, the Awesome Eats game and ScrapKins hands-on crafts.

Locate a school garden or salad bar in your community using our online map. And if you’d like to see a garden or salad bar grow at your kids’ school, you’ll find information and grant applications on the Whole Kids Foundation website.

Whole Kids Foundation; Kids At Lunch in School

It’s often the small things — cooking a recipe together, reading a great story with a healthy message, sharing a meal at the school salad bar, donating a few dollars — that make the biggest impact on a child’s health. 

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alexis says …

this is a good website to help kids to know what to eat like healthy foods or people/parents have a healthy life. and if you would want to increase this website i would put some paper game they can print to see what they eat all day for a week, i think it would help kids and parents to eat healthier.

Jeanmarie Smith says …

Hi, My students and I have a school garden in Makaha and we were wondering if we could find out about obtaining a grant to help support our garden. We work with children ages pre-k through 6th grade. Jeanmarie

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JEANMARIE - You can find detailed info on the Whole Kids Foundation site at https://www.wholekidsfoundation.org/schools/programs/school-salad-bars