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Holiday Flowers with Evergreen Power

Holiday flowersI confess. In the past, things have gotten out of hand when I’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinners. Or any dinner party, my husband would likely add. My to-do lists went from “clean fridge” and “wipe down base boards” to “wash dog” and “fold napkins into swans”. (Just kidding about that last one.) Since having children, I’ve had to significantly reduce my to-do list. There is one thing, however that will always remain – buy flowers for the table.

What You Get (and Give) With Whole Trade® Flowers

Fresh, vibrant blooms on a holiday table cover a multitude of hosting sins from children’s toys sprawled out at guests’ feet to the slightly over-toasted sliced almonds in the salad. Flowers make everything better – especially flowers with the Whole Trade® Guarantee.

Whole TradeFrom mixed bouquets to roses, these blooms are grown to meet our commitment to ethical trade, the environment and the highest quality. In fact, to wear the Whole Trade label products must meet specific criteria including:

  • Meet our product Quality Standards
  • Provide more money to producers
  • Ensure better wages and working conditions for workers
  • Care for the environment
  • Donate 1% of sales to Whole Planet Foundation®

Whole Trade flowers also provide a 10% premium that goes directly into important community programs where the flowers are sourced such as funding first homes for families, children attending school, community art programs, medical and dental treatments and an overall improvement in the quality of life of workers and their families.

Holiday flowersRidiculously Easy Ideas for Decorating with Flowers

If Whole Trade flowers can do all that, imagine what they can do for your holiday table! Here are a few tips to help showcase your holiday flowers this Thanksgiving:

  • Divide a bouquet into single stems or single arrangements of just three or four stems and place them in small vases down the center of the table.
  • Fill the glass vase with pomegranates or seasonal citrus — kumquats, clementines, oranges or limes — before putting in the flowers.
  • Add ornamental branches to pre-made arrangements and centerpieces for texture or drop in some drama with red ilex berries.
  • Use unexpected containers – mugs, mason jars, oversized cups, pitchers, tin cans or pumpkins!

Do you have any tips for showing off flowers on a holiday table? I’d love to hear them.

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marmaladesky says …

I picked up some inexpensive coco basket liners like these http://www.hooksandlattice.com/hanging-basket-replacements.html and put 3 down the center of the table...2 with fresh fruit and 1 with a vase of flowers surrounded by gourds and leaves or pomegranates and garlands or whatever the season dictates. Really colorful and they blend well with all the food and festivity. Cheers!

Loraine Keck says …

I am looking for Rosemary trees. Do you have them this year?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LORAINE - Our products vary between locations. I would suggest reaching out to your local store to find out. You can find their contact info at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list.

allyson says …

Do you make Christmas wreaths?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@ALLYSON - Some of our store locations carry live wreaths but check with your local store to double check as our products vary between locations!

Jordan Zecket says …

I saw an add today in the palm beach post for 2 dozen roses for $19.99 is that available all week please let me know aasap

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@JORDAN - I spoke with the Palm Beach store and Debbie in Floral confirmed that this price is their everyday price for 2 dozen roses. Keep in mind that this does not include wrapping or a vase, just the bouquets.