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Invest in a Future without Poverty

Annual Prosperity Campaign Poster

Can you imagine a future without poverty? (And does it look pretty good to you?) Then join us in our eighth annual Prosperity Campaign for Whole Planet Foundation!

Read on to learn how you could win a trip for two to Mexico!

How the Foundation Works

Microcredit provides access to small loans for impoverished entrepreneurs living in communities where Whole Foods Market sources products. Each dollar that Whole Planet Foundation raises to support microlending programs around the globe will be repaid and re-loaned again and again, creating additional prosperity for future generations, like Erika and her family. Erika is a microcredit client of our partner Pro Mujer in Peru, where we source quinoa, coffee and cacao. The loan enables Erika and her son to raise chickens and a dairy cow.

How You Can Help

Whole Planet Foundation aims to raise $7 million through donations made in Whole Foods Market stores companywide as part of its 2014 Prosperity Campaign. The current average loan size is $175, so this will create 40,000 new loans that can help up to 240,000 people!

The Prosperity Campaign runs February 19 through March 31, and here’s how you can get involved:

  • Donate through the registers at any Whole Foods Market store
  • Donate online at wholeplanetfoundation.org
  • Learn more about Whole Planet Foundation’s Supplier Alliance for Microcredit. Collectively, they’ve committed $800,000 to fund poverty alleviation projects this year. Purchasing products from these suppliers helps support Whole Planet Foundation.
  • You can even create your own online fundraising page to invite friends and family to give a hand up
  • Check out your local Whole Foods Market store’s events calendar for Whole Planet Foundation opportunities

Win a Trip to Mexico!

This year, Whole Planet Foundation will send one lucky winner and guest to Mexico for a six-day trip to meet microcredit clients of Pro Mujer and have a lot of fun along the way. To be eligible to win, visit Whole Planet Foundation’s Facebook page from February 20 through March 10 and submit a short essay about how you’re helping to invest in a future without poverty. Check out the full list of rules here.

If you were given a small loan to start a home-based business with minimal resources, what would you do?

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Todd Owens says …

I do not have Facebook but do help fight poverty everyday here at home. I shuttle senior citizens, and those who don't have any other way, to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, banks and to church all at my own expense. In addition to this I deliver meals-on wheels on Mondays for my own city, again, at my own expense. Is there any way for a person to not have a Facebook account and still be entered into your drawing. Please consider, Thank you, Todd Owens

carlos anziani says …

lets help

Carlos Gardinet says …

I don't understand how Whole Foods makes all of these poverty campaign initiatives when Whole Foods stores everywhere are so wasteful with their foods and products. I have personally spoken with employees and they tell me how they throw away so much excess food. The employees aren't even allowed to take food home, which they know will go into the garbage anyway. It makes absolutely no sense. So these "a future without poverty" slogans are nothing more than publicity stunts.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@CARLOS - We definitely try to donate items when it's possible at each location. Often times there are certain local health code laws that prohibit us from donating certain perishable items and for team members.

knightking4792 says …

I like your concept of helping people in need. I don't have the time and have Crohns disease. I'm gluten-free for the last 7 months and it has changed my life being almost pain-free. I still have some nausea but it's good. It's a welcome change for me and my life is better for it. Using hard pain killers isn't the answer I've found. Gluten-free works for the right people who need it. I bought the books "Wheat Belly" and the Wheat Belly Cookbook, lose the weight. I'm still working on that, weight. Need to eat more vegies.

Devereaux J. Dupuy says …

Would like to work with your company

george says …

Obligating people to sign up for Facebook before they can participate in this contest is exclusionary and, just not right.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@GEORGE - Thanks for the feedback. We offer tons of contests throughout the year. This one just happens to be a social contest. Stay tuned for other ways to participate in future contests on the blog!

John Kohler says …

I wasxa public assistance social worker for 20 years before retirement. Keep up the good work. Whole Foods!

Still Life says …

@Nikki For one of my classes we were discussing food waste in college cafeterias, grocery stores, bakeries etc. A lot of my friends (both where I live now and where I used to live) work at Whole Foods so I was asking them what happens with all the prepared foods. Their responses were all the same in that : 1) They were all aware that WF donates some items to food banks 2) They've seen how WF still throws out carts and carts of packaged prep food, whole pizzas etc. Having worked at a local health food store, I know that it's a completely different because it's scaled down. It's great that WF donates but since you guys are a huge operation, it's even more crucial that you think more creatively. I hate the idea that you have containers used to package some potato salad that no one will every buy and it ends up in the trash. That's food AND packaging waste! If the thought of giving free food out to employees doesn't sound profitable, maybe consider selling your food at discounted prices at the end of the night?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@STILLLIFE - The regulations for donating certain types of food are regulated by the health department in each city/state. Some of our store locations are able to donate perishable items while others cannot due to health code laws. In either regard, the food that is thrown out at the end of the night should go in to our compost containers so it can be sent off to make compost that is then resold in our stores.