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Kid Food Fun: Breakfast Banana Splits and More

The Whole DealWith more than $55 in coupons, budget-friendly recipes and lots of tips and deals, you can prevent scorching your savings this summer with The Whole Deal® value guide.

But your budget won’t be the only winner. We’re featuring summer flavors favored by all the cool kids—like yours! Check out our picks for Sure Deals, coupons and recipes that will earn high fives all around.

Teach Them Well
Just because school is nearly out for summer doesn’t mean learning needs to be put on pause. Trying to introduce a wider variety of fruits and veggies or teach the joy of cooking? With the kids underfoot in the summer, they might as well give you a hand in the kitchen! Here are a few budget-friendly kid-approved recipes.  

  • Breakfast Banana Splits put a whole new spin on breakfast, and their perfect for little hands to assemble.
  • Parents and kids alike will fall for Beef Franks Mini Kabobs, threaded with fresh zucchini, cherry tomatoes and beef hot dogs (download coupon), and basted with honey mustard. (Although nearly all ages will enjoy eating them, we suggest you leave working with sharp skewers to the older kids and hot grilling to the adults.)
  • Something fresh + something creamy + something crunchy. Whether for breakfast, dessert or a snack, parfaits have hundreds of possibilities; let the kids choose!

Find more summer recipes for kids at wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes (select “Advanced Search,” check “Summer” and search for “Cooking With Kids”).

Best Buys for the Mini Set
Serve these to the kids and you’ll get big smiles without breaking your budget.

fruit bars365 Everyday Value® Frozen Fruit Bars

$2.99 or less. 4-4 oz. bars
Strawberry, Caribbean Mix, Mango, Mango & Pineapple, Pineapple & Lime, Strawberry & Piña Colada, Lime or Coconut

Keep it real cool with a box of frozen fruit bars made with real fruit. The strawberry ones earned thumbs up from Parenting magazine’s 2012 Eatie Awards.


trail mix365 Everyday Value® Trail Mix

$6.99 or less. 16 oz

Fed up with good-for-nothing snacks? Our mixes have the sweet/salty/crunchy/chewy you’re craving without added sulfites, artificial preservatives or flavors. Add it to pancakes, yogurt and parfaits.


ice cream365 Everyday Value® Organic Ice Cream

$4.49 or less. 1 quart
Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip or Mint Chocolate Chip

Here’s the scoop: we don’t let fake colors or hydrogenated fats in our tubs...even when we go beyond plain vanilla. Plus, it’s made with milk from cows not treated with synthetic growth hormones (rBST/rBGH). Keep everyone happy with 14 servings per tub!

Remember to download coupons before you shop! 365 Everyday Value® Thin Crust Pizza and Wellshire Premium Beef Franks are convenient kid-pleasers.  

Bee Involved
The world is your classroom! Whole Kids Foundation™ and ScrapKins have partnered to explain the importance of pollination—especially for the foods we eat—with a hands-on art project using the sticks from frozen fruit bars. Print the activity sheet and teach your child about where food comes from, creatively.

What super cool and affordable ways have you found to introduce your kids to new foods?


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