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Love Your Pet with Whole Paws

By Paige Schilt, September 16, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

Do mystery ingredients in pet food give you pause? Take heart! Whole Foods Market® is pleased to carry Whole Paws®, a line of premium pet foods formulated so the first ingredient is chicken, salmon and other wholesome proteins that pets crave.

Now you can treat your furry friends to super wholesome vittles from a trusted source. As you might expect from Whole Foods Market, all Whole Paws® products are made without artificial flavors, animal by-products, added sugar or grains.

Best of all, you don’t have to make an extra shopping trip to find premium food for your pet. Whole Paws® combines grocery store convenience with specialty store quality — all at a great price. Fans of the former 365 Everyday Value® pet food products will be glad to know that Whole Paws® products are still the best value in our pet food aisle, so you can upgrade your pet’s diet without up-ending your budget.

At my house, life pretty much revolves around our aging dachshund, Little Eddy. As he’s gotten older (and crankier) I’ve searched around for nutritious, satisfying food without unnecessary fillers, and that meant making the time-consuming trek to the pet supply store. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the idea of folding my pet shopping into my weekly food shopping!

If you’re transitioning your pet to Whole Paws®, it’s best to do it gradually, over a week or more. A good rule of thumb is to start by serving 80% of the established food with 20% of the new food. Wait a couple of days and then increase the ratio to 60/40. After another day or two, flip the balance to 60% Whole Paws® with 40% of your pet’s former food. Continue in the same manner, increasing the percentage every day or two, until your pet is dining on 100% Whole Paws® premium pet food. Of course, you should consult your vet if you have any questions or concerns about transitioning your pet’s food. Fluffy and Fido will be sure to thank you!

Has your pet tried the new Whole Paws® line? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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Kathleen Klaus says ...
Hi - I wanted to buy a jug of the Whole Paws clumping litter, but saw that it had fragrance in addition to clay. The ingredient list says only "natural clay, natural fragrance", but does not specify what the fragrance is. Most cats dislike scented litter - why did you add fragrance to this? And what specifically is the fragrance? Thanks.
09/16/2013 7:05:41 AM CDT
Robert Farley says ...
I would love to support this line in the same way I support the 365 foods line. My wife and I are vegan and we have raised our dogs vegan too. I often have customers sent to speak to me about vegan food options for their dogs, and I would love to direct them to our aisle, unfortunately I have to send them to Petsmart or Pet People. I think it would be great to see WFM consider adding another flavor similiar to V-Dod or Natures Balance.
09/16/2013 8:35:47 AM CDT
Nafeesah Muhammad says ...
I am interested I this product. I have been purchasing the 365 Lean Formula for the a few years now!! I want to know price and quality and the difference between this brand and the 365 ! By the way I love whole foods and my sister works for you in Chicago!! We have customers for years!
09/16/2013 7:30:06 PM CDT
Eeos says ...
Why oh why would you feed a dog a vegan diet? Feeding a dog or cat a vegan diet can make them I'll or result in death. Dogs are primarily carnivores, not hemp sandal wearing hippies. Get over yourself people, dogs aren't interested in impressing people with your vegan lifestyle.
09/19/2013 6:30:24 PM CDT
Myra says ...
Could you please post the ingredients in the new line of canned dog food? My dog is allergic to fowl (chicken, turkey, duck) and does well on lamb and rice. The 365 product worked well for her and I would like to compare the ingredients or know if I need to search elsewhere for a replacement.
09/19/2013 7:06:49 PM CDT
Jim Bradford says ...
Can you send a list of ingredients please?
09/20/2013 9:55:48 AM CDT
Sheena Marie says ...
Would love to know if the pricepoint of your adult food will be the same or close to the 365 Brand. I paid $15 for a 20 lb bag.
09/20/2013 3:36:35 PM CDT
Rose says ...
EEFO your personal attack was disgusting. Knock it off. I only agree with one thing you said. Our pets are carnivores and can get ill if they are fed too many grains. Getting their pets protein from unprocessed vegetable sources or clean organic meat is a personal choice and not something to impress people. It doesn't sound safe though and doubt that they would eat it unprocessed. Maybe we should be asking how healthy their pet is, since most vegans are known to be more healthy people. I am assuming and would hope that Mr. Farley does not eat processed vegan food nor give it to his pet since it contains many additives, artificial flavorings, dyes and salt.
09/20/2013 9:45:09 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@SHEENA - The prices will be set by each individual store. Check with your local store to find out their exact prices.
09/23/2013 11:18:21 AM CDT
Bri says ...
Are the ingredients sourced from non-gmo resources?
09/23/2013 5:04:50 PM CDT
Tracey says ...
I've tried everything for my havanese, we've struggled to find a food that she would eat that wouldn't make her sick. I bought this food the day it came out and she devours it...and she's not been sick even once! The price is amazing, thank you!
09/24/2013 7:02:31 AM CDT
Marcio Decat says ...
I'm with ROBERT FARLEY, My Labrador is healthy ... and Vegan.
09/24/2013 11:03:36 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@BRI - The line is not verified as non-GMO, however, we did avoid corn, soy and beet sugar ingredients since they are high-risk GMO crops.
09/24/2013 11:15:18 AM CDT
Justin says ...
Robert & Marcio - Having some veggies and fruits in a dogs diet is great - they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and an excellent source of fiber. That being said, their primary source of nutrition should come from MEAT - regardless of your views or how you eat. I understand this is likely very difficult for you, but as a dog owner, you owe it to your best buddy to do what is right and provide him/her with the nutrition he/she needs to thrive.
09/26/2013 4:59:21 PM CDT
Brad says ...
I am sure Whole Paws is great, but the varieties carried at my local WF only had 6% fiber, while the 365 Lean Formula Dry Dog Food had 14%. Will any of the Whole Paws go above 6%?
09/27/2013 11:37:37 PM CDT
unknown says ...
Do you really think that ANY processed food is natural for our pets? If you're serious about feeding them a natural diet, let them eat mice, deer, etc... things they would kill themselves in nature. Since most of us don't do that, a high quality pet food that provides all the nutrients they need is great, whether the nutrients come from meat or plants it doesn't matter. It's got what they need to be healthy.
09/29/2013 11:33:41 AM CDT
Elaine Ervolino says ...
I think the dog and cat dry food should be introduced at a lower price as all new items WFM brings in. I only feed my cats premium canned and dry food, but every time I try to find a premium dry hoping they will eat the bags are large and expensive. I tried all the Halo and Wellness for cats and wound up giving it to the many strays that come by. I hope WFM continues to sell cat litter.
09/29/2013 8:11:51 PM CDT
Alli Beltz says ...
Our dogs are at the end of their first bag of dry lamb and brown rice. They love it, priced at $7.99 for the medium bag it was a bargain too. I would love to transition them to it from Solid Gold, however I realized once I got the bag home that the Whole Paws contains salt in their ingredient list... Sodium content allowed is up to over 1% of the food's content according to the package. We don't add salt to any food in our own diets, and we prefer not to salt our dogs' food either. Please take out the salt and our dogs will be on it full time.
10/01/2013 10:44:35 AM CDT
Niels Chapman says ...
My aging dog really loves whole paws Hip and Joint formula - which I have not been able to find in our franchise any more. Has the production been stopped? Thanks! Niels
10/01/2013 12:36:53 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@NIELS - We recently launched the Whole Paws line so are you looking for the 365 brand? If so, we have discontinued the 365 brand and will be carrying the premium line of Whole Paws as it's replacement.
10/01/2013 2:48:07 PM CDT
Trudy Thomas says ...
My dog has eaten the 365 Everyday value turkey rice formula canned dog food for years. Will there be a canned dog food equivilant to this in the Whole Paws brand?
10/01/2013 5:45:38 PM CDT
ryan says ...
Avoid Whole Paws dog food. The sodium content in this food is so high my 2 dogs are drinking 3x as much water as normal. They are drinking so much water to offset the sodium they are having accidents in the house during the day and at night. These are fully trained adult dogs. Bring back 365 dog food!
10/02/2013 8:03:34 PM CDT
Mary says ...
My 9 year old rescue dog has thrived on 365 dog food for 5 years. I am very disappointed that you decided for me that she should "upgrade" to a more expensive food. Sorry to tell you that I am going back to Petco if this food is too expensive, I can't find a price list or comparison to 365 prices anywhere. Any suggestions?
10/05/2013 4:32:13 PM CDT
Yolanda Hajdasz says ...
Can you teel me if I can get this Dog food true the mail.....
10/05/2013 6:53:29 PM CDT
LLE says ...
My dog is a senior and has always been sensitive to various ingredients like wheat and fruit, so i appreciate the WF offering of "chicken and brown rice" recipe which has no wheat, corn or soy, no meat by-products, etc. I picked up a sample yesterday and he seems to like it. But I am wondering if the ingredients are ALL sourced here in the U.S., as opposed to China or elsewhere. Unfortunately the packaging does not indicate specifically and therefore I am hesitant to purchase until I know for sure. Would appreciate verification from WF. Thanks.
10/06/2013 11:58:31 AM CDT