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Lucy's Cookies

By Carly Price, November 23, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Carly Price

LucyWe love our producers, suppliers and vendors and we think most of them have some pretty interesting stories behind their products too. We’re sharing some of our favorites here in an ongoing series.

Cookies can be one of life’s simplest pleasures — unless you’ve got food allergies. Lucy Gibney, a former ER doctor and creator of Lucy’s cookies, was hit head-on by this reality when her infant son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Suddenly, even the most ordinary food ingredients were a source of worry.

As her son grew up, Lucy also longed for him to be able to share treats with his friends and family when celebrating special moments.

“Even when I baked things at home, we worried about undeclared allergens and we had no way of knowing if ingredients were truly safe,” Lucy explains. “My cookies tasted better than what we could buy, but we wanted more assurance.”

Lucy's cookies

In 2006, she launched a company to create truly delicious cookies made without common allergens such as milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts. In an unusual move for a startup, she also decided not to work with manufacturing partners (commonly called “co-packers”) to make the products. Instead, she built a specialized bakery facility to maintain control over all aspects of product quality and safety.

Lucy's cookies

“We are so particular about sourcing even ordinary things like baking powder and baking soda,” Lucy says. Ingredients that could possibly have come into contact with allergens are tested.

All Lucy’s products are made without milk, gluten, eggs, peanuts or tree nuts; they’re also just good cookies.

Lucy's cookies

Have you tried Lucy’s cookies? What’s your favorite cookie flavor?


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joann kikkert says ...
I would like to enter broth contest. I like to use broth just as drinking it as a nice hot drink.
11/23/2012 8:50:16 AM CST
Christine says ...
I love Lucy's cookies. I have major food allergies and don't like to take chances. I recently brought home a new version of Lucy's cookies that I had not tried. It was ginger snap but my husband devoured the box before I hardly had one. He has no allergies and said the cookies were the best ginger snap he had ever had. I have to drive two hours to the nearest Whole Foods so next time I will stock up - or hide them! :)
11/23/2012 10:26:22 PM CST
Mona Gardner says ...
I have tried Lucy's cookies and love them. But I have been disappointed not to find Lucy's Ginger Snaps at my local Whole Foods. Why not? I had to order them from Amazon instead, but I'd much prefer to buy them from Whole Foods. Keep up the good work, Lucy!
11/28/2012 5:52:29 PM CST
Mona Gardner says ...
I have tried Lucy's cookies and love them. But I have been disappointed not to find Lucy's Ginger Snaps at my local Whole Foods. Why not? I had to order them from Amazon instead, but I'd much prefer to buy them from Whole Foods. Keep up the good work, Lucy!
11/28/2012 5:52:30 PM CST
Nancy Russell says ...
I cannot wait to try them...with gluten intolerance it is no fun to not be able to have cookies!
11/28/2012 6:03:03 PM CST
Ermellina Murray says ...
I Love Lucy's cookies. I'm allergic to tree nuts so I gave the cookies a try. The Cookies are delicious. .
11/28/2012 6:25:18 PM CST
Beverly Chauvin says ...
I am excited to try these. My grandson is extremely allergic to milk. He is off the charts because he is so highly allergic, so grocery shopping is a challenge. We have to read every ingredient, I am so glad that I can just pick up some treats for him without worry!!! Thanks
11/28/2012 7:21:07 PM CST
Elaine Lipton says ...
Good to know - My granddaughter is allergic to eggs and nuts and not always easy finding recipes or over the counter treats for her.Thanks!
11/28/2012 7:53:17 PM CST
Dixie Mills says ...
We love the Lucy's ginger snaps but cannot buy them here in Tampa. So we order online since we think they are delicious. We hope our Whole Foods stores here in Tampa will decide to add them to your inventory. And we will buy and bring them home! Thanks I advance.
11/28/2012 8:20:03 PM CST
Pat says ...
Why must they contain soy, which is one of the 8 top allergies
11/28/2012 8:47:18 PM CST
Karen Nedrow says ...
I did not know about this company but I will seek out her products as I too have multiple food allergies. The fact that they do the process themselves and are particular about the ingredients is so reassuring. You can count on me to seek out these products.
11/28/2012 8:51:15 PM CST
Patti T says ...
We found these Lucy's Cookies a couple of years ago- as a Vegan, I am also interested in finding something new. The cookies are absolutely delicious. The Sugar Cookie is our favorite. I highly recommend them. I also appreciate the care the Company takes in producing their products.
11/28/2012 9:32:05 PM CST
AbrilDW says ...
Lucy's cookies are amazing! Delicious! Congratulations Lucy ! Super Mom and Doctor! Thanks for offering an excellent option to the people with food allergies, especially the children! Childhood with cookies is just awesome!
11/28/2012 9:37:58 PM CST
Gail says ...
I am really enjoying your sugar cookies. They taste better than all other gluten free cookies I've tried, and I'd say they're right up there with some of the very best cookies I've ever had. It's such a pleasure to not have to feel like I'm sacrificing taste to avoid a stomach ache (which gluten will do to me.) Thanks for the great product!!
11/28/2012 9:58:08 PM CST
linda schwehr says ...
Want to know if there is soy even in tiny amounts in these cookies??
11/28/2012 10:05:46 PM CST
Rose says ...
Can't wait to try Lucy's cookies! We are a gluten/dairy free family, and really miss good cookies!
11/28/2012 10:18:13 PM CST
Kelly says ...
Hello, my name is Kelly and I love Lucy's cookies. I am a vegan and it is difficult to find great treats. Way to go!!
11/28/2012 10:44:02 PM CST
Madeline Loder says ...
Organic is very important to me. Maybe I never tried them because they aren't and I just passed them by.
11/29/2012 5:30:26 AM CST
Susan says ...
They are good - all the versions I have tried so far I have devoured...quickly! I usually resist buying them because I can't eat them slowly. I treat myself to most of the box when I finally succumb to temptation! The Cinnamon Thin is awesome with a cup of coffee for dipping! :-) (And coincidentally, it takes half a box to finish one cup of coffee!)
11/29/2012 5:50:07 AM CST
Judy Loffredo says ...
Much needed product. I can not wait to try them. Thank you!
11/29/2012 6:11:02 AM CST
Rebecca Wright says ...
Thanks for letting me know! I recently had a delayed food allergy test and found out I have a severe milk allergy and a mild one to 3 very popular nuts, almonds, peanuts, and cashews along with sunflower. I will definitely try these the next time I head to whole foods!
11/29/2012 6:31:22 AM CST
Victoria says ...
Is there anyway to order cookies and have them sent? I don't live near any markets you sell to?
11/29/2012 9:21:43 AM CST
Kelly Short says ...
I was quite interested in seeing more information on these cookies because I, along with several family members and a couple friends, share a serious food allergy--that being corn. I went to the Web site for these and was disappointed to see that they all contain "Citric Acid From Non-GMO Corn." Considering that corn is a common food allergy (listed in the top seven), I wish more companies would avoid corn as much as they avoid peanuts or eggs. If Lucy's would find another source for their citric acid--and there should be plenty of options for such a common item--then I would happily stock my pantry with these cookies.
11/29/2012 10:17:17 AM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@LINDA - You can check their website to search through each type of cookie and a list of their ingredients. I did find soy milk as an ingredient in the majority of the flavors.
11/29/2012 10:29:46 AM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@VICTORIA - You can search on their website to find locations close to your zip code in the top right corner of the site (http://www.drlucys.com/). If you still do not find a retailer close by, we have a store location in Austin that offers shipping of shelf stable products. You can give them a call directly at 512-542-2243 to place your order!
11/29/2012 10:32:41 AM CST