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On pivot: Dark Rye’s Bake Episode

Kale and homemade granola and free-range poultry, sure. But life is not complete until you contemplate dessert. And tea. And noonsies. And after-brunch. What is life, after all, without sweets?

This week’s Dark Rye on pivot network brings you buttery, melty goodness in the form of the “Bake” episode — masters of delight who have carved careers, homes, and friendships out of pastry and dough. See it Wednesday May 14, on pivot network at 11:00pm ET/ 8:00pm PT — a bit later than usual (this week only)! Find pivot in your area: getpivot.tv

Here’s what’s rising in the warm and headily-scented Dark Rye oven:

Sweet Memories: Austin pastry chef Laura Sawicki doesn’t merely invent recipes. No. Each new dish — each work of art — is the arduous result of a tumultuous creative process. Inspired by nostalgia, the sincere desire for every dish to tell a story, and the joy of juxtaposing highbrow and lowbrow ingredients, Sawicki submerges an initial instinct for what she would want to eat into the riot of her imagination — “a circular, messy, delicious, complicated process” — until it transcends her ego to become a conversation, something to share.

Butter + Love: “It’s sort of a strange thing, in New York, just handing baked goods to people you don’t know.” Oh, but that’s why we’re so pleased to know Alison Walla. Disarmingly optimistic and glowy in a way that only baking 2,500 cookies a shift can make you, Walla is introducing Brooklyn to “a little fancy, but never fussy” sweet and savories.

Poor Porker: What happens when two young, creative people move from LA to Florida with a dream and a vat of grease? “Little pillows of fried joy.” It feels like the whole town was waiting for this weathered and cobbled-together food cart to roll in and set up shop. Are their beignets and coffee delectable? Sure. But the duo behind the counter is the reason Lakeland’s in love. Robyn and Jarrid seem to thrive on making magic out of nothing.

Our conclusion? The glue of the universe, no matter where you are: Various iterations of soda; butter; sugar; salt. Catch Dark Rye on pivot network.

Dark Rye is the Whole Foods Market mixtape. An online magazine where we bring together unconventional pioneers, and it’s loud and kind of raucous — a how-to, a recipe book, a counter-convention dose of sass and entrepreneurialism.

It’s now also airing Wednesdays on pivot network at 9:30pm ET /6:30pm PT. Except this Wednesday, May 14, when you can catch it at 11:00pm ET/ 8:00pm PT.

Do you connect through baking or baked goods? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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