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Raising Kids on Organic Food

Chard Cooking School with Alice FongAt Whole Foods Market, we get a lot of questions about organics. And not surprisingly, a good majority of those questions come from parents with young kids. Why should parents care about organics for their kids? Well, to start with – eating organic food is one of the easiest ways to avoid GMOs.

Plus, organic foods are grown in environmentally friendly ways without toxic or persistent agricultural chemicals. So, what does that mean for you and your kids? Less chemical residue on your food!

Three Ways to Get Kids Excited About Organic Food

  1. Chard Cooking School with Alice FongLook for the organic seal. When grocery shopping, have your kids look for produce and other items that are labeled “organic.” If the produce has stickers, kids can look for numbers that start with “9” like organic bananas: “94011.” It’ll turn every shopping trip into a discovery mission!
  2. Share an earth-friendly farming story. Kids love a good story. So tell them about how organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality and keep the planet healthy. For lots of details on this topic, check out New Good Food.
  3. Take them on a farm tour. Don’t have an organic farm in your area? Make it a plan for your next family vacation! There are a ton of urban farms popping up in cities all over, too. Take some time to research your options.

USDA Organic LogoFinding organic food is easy when you know what to look for. From produce to meat to the dairy aisle to packaged foods -- look for items marked “organic” with the USDA organic seal.

You can easily stock up on everything from peanut butter to applesauce to cereal and all the kids’ favorite snacks (like animal-shaped crackers) for when you’re on the go.

And shaping healthy habits when kids are young will help set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Need more inspiration? Check out fun kids’ activities, the Awesome Eats app and more from Whole Kids Foundation®. Play is the way to shape healthy habits!

Whole Kids Foundation is supported by a number of great organic suppliers, like Suja Organic Juice, Olivia’s Organics, and Organic Valley.

What are some of your kids’ favorite organic snacks?



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Mary says …

I'm so happy that I finally have a whole foods with in driving distance. Whole foods go's hand and hand with helping to raise the consciousness of today. The most important aspect of eating healthy is to nourish our body,provide energy for our brain power and to help with keeping our mood personality happy. Whole natural foods is doing it right to provide us with the best natural ingredients in its food grown from organic soil. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you.

Anna says …

hi there, this is really a great idea! I would love my child and her friends to participate in a school garden project! Can preschool (ma) apply for it too? please let me know!

St. McDuck says …

Whole Foods Organic Unsweetened 365 Peanut Butter is always in my pantry. It's easily the best organic peanut butter on the market (and the palm oil comes from sustainable sources)

Anthony Ochoa says …

Love the post! Start 'em young! I think it is important to mention "organically grown", especially when bringing kids to farms and farmers market. We are fully supportive of any farm that is striving to grow with renewable resources and without additives and chemicals, whether or not they are "certified". Some can't afford time or money to jump through the hoops and paperwork of the USDA for certification. We will teach our kids to ask questions rather than solely relying on seals from the USDA. Farmers who strive to farm organically LOVE getting asked theses questions. It affirms there hard work and convictions.

Sandy says …

I love organic smoothies, it's a easy way to include kale and carrots into your daily diet with fruit, apple sauce and bananas

Ryan says …

I am very grateful that my mother fed me organic baby food (purchased at your stores, no less) when I was little; so, when I broke away from eating pretty much all heavily processed foods in middle school, and stopped eating school lunches in the third grade (I'm in the eleventh now), was she so surprised? I think not! I've always had a more sophisticated palate than my peers, and I think my childhood nourishment only helped with that!

karenjustcooking says …

I am starting my journey of eating clean/healthy. Access to this blog will be really helpful and supportive. Starting small and working my way to eat and live completely organic. I am waiting for it to be the only food available given all the trash available on the shelf. Scary to think about. Population control?