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Spring Cleaning with Standards

365 Cleaners

I love a clean house. Wiped down countertops. Clean dishes. Folded laundry. That’s my jam, but colder weather kept my two kids and Labrador mostly indoors making a mess of the house. Now the sun is out, my kids are spending more time outside, and it’s time to clean up.

Ever wonder what's in your cleaning products? Currently, the US government does not mandate full disclosure of ingredients on cleaning products, so it can be hard to know. To help you make informed choices, Whole Foods Market developed the Eco-Scale rating system, a third-party verified rating for environmental impact, safety, sourcing, animal testing and labeling. From this evaluation, products get a red, orange, yellow or green rating.

In order to be sold on our shelves, a product must be certified to meet — at minimum — the baseline orange standard, which means they don’t contain any of the 40+ ingredients we don’t allow in our Eco-Scale rated cleaning products. (And, nope, we don’t sell red-rated cleaning products.) By doing this, we’re the first retailer to establish household cleaning product standards.


From liquid laundry detergents and fabric softeners to all-purpose, glass and toilet bowl cleaners, Whole Foods Market sells hundreds of Eco-Scale-rated products, and these products must list ingredients on the packaging.

Here is a snapshot of two popular cleaning product lines we sell and what being Eco-Scale rated means for them:

Whole Foods Market™ Brand Cleaning Products

  • No ingredients with significant environmental or safety concerns
  • No petroleum-derived ingredients
  • Never tested on animals
  • All products earned a Green Eco-Scale rating! (That’s the highest rating)

Tip: Look for organic options and download a $1.00 off coupon! (Coupon available for download until May 1, 2015.)

365 Everyday Value® Cleaning Products

  • No ingredients with significant environmental or safety concerns
  • No phosphates, chlorine or synthetic colors
  • Never tested on animals

Take a closer look at the importance of Eco-Scale:

Are the ingredients in your cleaning products important to you? Tell me about it. 

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Heidi says …

Whatever happened to baking soda and vinegar for clean and green?

jonnie says …

Wouldn't it be great if WF would distribute its cleaning products in bulk, allowing one to refill at the store instead of having to purchase new plastic each time? It'd be a strong incentive for me to use them!

Sarah Smith says …

As the marketing TM for our Carmel, IN location (giving a presentation about our Eco-Scale Rating System offsite at our local library in a couple of weeks), I would LOVE to see the video above added to our Eco-Scale page. (The only place I can view this video is within this blog post.) Thanks! Sarah