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Super Snacking MVPs

Pizza. Wings. Chips and dips. Beer. Next month’s big game is the second biggest day for food consumption in America. While the participating teams and commercials change from year to year, what we feast on usually doesn’t. So imagine if you didn’t eat meat or gluten, didn’t drink alcohol or tried to avoid GMOs. What would you do on game-day Sunday? Call dibs on the carrot sticks and celery from the wings platter? Stick with water or get stuck with sugary sodas?

Get In The Game

Hosting a game day party? Huddle up. Don’t make a rookie mistake and reach for just the traditional staples. Instead make this game-winning play: shop for delicious food that meets everyone’s needs (e.g. dairy-free, meat-free, gluten-free or Non-GMO Project verified products).  

Take a look at our game-ready lineup and celebrate knowing they all meet our Quality Standards, meaning they’re free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Flavor Puffs

Satisfy crunchy cravings with these plant-based snacks which are vegan, dairy-free, naturally gluten-free and kosher for mindful munching. Made with navy beans, they really pack a punch of flavor.

Way Better SnacksWay Better Snacks

Simply Sunny Multi Grain, Simply Sweet Potato, Simply So Sweet Chili, Unbeatable Blues and Naked "No Salt" Blues

These vegan, Non-GMO Project verified and kosher chips are an excellent source of whole grains and have low sodium too. Tip: pair with 365 Everyday Value® Salsas (in garden fresh flavors like Thick and Chunky, Black Bean and Corn or Tomatillo) for dipping or try 365 Everyday Value® Greek Yogurt Plain, Non Fat for lighter dips.

Stacy's Pita ChipsStacy's Pita Chips
Don't forget this all-time favorite, made with a heartier texture that's perfect for tackling thicker dips.

365 Everyday Value® Organic Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

Made in small batches by a family-owned popcorn maker, our kettle corn is crunchy, satisfying and organic! Since National Organic Standards prohibit GMOs in organics, there won’t be any party fouls.

365 Everyday Value Chickenless Nuggets365 Everyday Value® Breaded Chickenless Nuggets

Our Breaded Chickenless Nuggets are a delicious vegan substitute for traditional chicken nuggets. Not only are they made without any animal products, they’re cholesterol free and contain no hydrogenated oils.    

365 Everyday Value® Coconut Water
With five essential electrolytes, our refreshing water with a tropical twist is 100% pulp-free juice (not from concentrate!). It makes a tasty alternative to alcoholic beverages or sodas.

Nature's All Dark Chocolate BananasNew Nature's All Foods Organic and Fair Trade Freeze-Dried Dark Chocolate Bananas and Strawberries

These non-GMO eats score big. The ripest bananas and strawberries are selected for the freeze-drying process and then coated in silky dark chocolate.

365 Everyday Value® Cheese

Whether you’re dipping, crunching or munching, say yes, please to cheese!

Organic Shredded Cheeses: Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Mexican Blend, Italian Blend or Sharp Cheddar.

Score big when you use organic cheese in your nachos, dips and casseroles

Organic Sliced Cheeses: Colby Jack, Gouda or Cheddar. These organic slices make a superior sandwich or burger topping.

Cracker Cuts : Cheddar, Jack, Colby or Pepper Jack. With 64 slices (16 of each flavor!) in a package you'll be cracker- and party-ready with minimal effort.

Will you be adding any of these fan favorites to your game day menu?

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Rosie says …

I love all flavors of Way Better Snacks!!! They have amazing ingredients!

JEREMY B. says …

The more natural, the better the food! Really love the 365 Eveyday Value Organics...even in a leap year!

Amy Ratner says …

What's the biggest food consumption day?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@AMY - The largest food consuming day of the year goes to Thanksgiving!

Nick says …

Stacey's Pita Chips DO contain GLUTEN - (Wasn't this article written to spotlight Gluten-free snacks?) "Instead make this game-winning play: shop for delicious food that meets everyone’s needs (e.g. dairy-free, meat-free, Gluten-Free or Non-GMO Project verified products)."

marmaladesky says …

Thanks for all the yumful vegan suggestions!

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@NICK - This post recommends options for all of the specialty diets listed above but does not adhere to any one in particular. There are items suggested cover many of the special diets.

Annette derry says …

Where can I find these great snacks

Leslie Ethridge says …

Carrot sticks! DIBS! Plus bringing my own almond butter. Have to be prepared to eat healthy. Those sweet potato chips are great, but I think these days are what exemplifies unhealthy eating styles, especially in regards to America. The two biggest days - Thanksgiving and Superbowl - if eating processed foods is "in" i'm "out."

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@ANNETTE - You should be able to find the snacks listed above at your local Whole Foods Market! You can find a list of our store locations online at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list.

marmaladesky says …

Way Better Blues are the best!