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Survival Tips for Healthy Holiday Noshing

Relax and celebrate healthfully this holiday. Don’t think you can with all of the parties, buffets, treats and drinks this time of year? Think again! Our favorite survival tips and tricks will help you navigate the dreaded holiday havoc.    

  • Kale Waldorf SaladNever go to a party hungry!  Keep hunger at bay with a small, healthy snack before you leave. 
  • Begin with vegetables and fruits.  Keeps dips, dressings, and spreads on the side.
  • Once there, avoid fried and oily-looking foods. Trim excess fat from meats and go easy on the cheese and nuts.
  • Choose whole grains when possible.
  • Eat only what you love. Don’t “waist” calories on mediocre food. If you can take it or leave it…leave it!
  • Savor the flavors and aromas of your food. Eat slowly to give your body time to feel satisfied without overdoing it. 
  • Move away from the food to mingle and socialize, avoiding the temptation to over-indulge. 
  • Plan ahead. If you know you’ll be indulging later, avoid heavy, fatty, sugary foods during the day. Load up on fresh vegetables, vegetable soups, salads and fresh fruits instead. 

Here’s what to choose when facing the “big buffet.”

  • Shrimp CocktailBaked, broiled or grilled fish, chicken, turkey or lean meats
  • Shrimp cocktail
  • Raw veggies with hummus, bean dip or light dressing
  • Fresh salad greens with olive oil and vinegar or lemon wedges
  • Steamed or sautéed veggies
  • Cooked greens such as spinach
  • Potatoes, rice or grains not floating in oil or butter (opt for a baked potato that you can garnish on your own)
  • See something you can’t live without? Go for a small bite instead of a meal-sized portion

Don’t be shy about bringing healthy snacks and beverages to work and parties. Others will appreciate your efforts.

If all of our best intentions go awry and you do overdo it, no big deal! You can get back on track with the very next meal. 

If you’ve got some helpful hints, we’d love to know.

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Molly says …

It sure is nice when there are healthy options at holiday parties, but being a little unhealthy on one evening isn't likely to ruin your health in the long term. I say, go to those parties and eat your favorites, whatever they are, without making yourself sick on them. You can eat healthy foods and fit in some extra exercise during all those holiday times you're NOT at a party. How depressing is it to be turning down your favorite fried, greasy, sugary, fatty foods, the kind you only get to indulge in a couple times a year, because you're on a health kick? Pick your delicious poisons, indulge without making yourself sick, and then promise yourself you'll eat healthy and exercise between parties. Holiday parties are no time to be feeling guilty about every little food choice.