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Sweet Endings with Thanksgiving Pies

Have your chosen your Thanksgiving pie lineup yet? In my estimation, you should have at least a pie per person. Well, maybe that’s going a bit overboard. But when you have so many glorious flavors — from pumpkin and pecan to apple and buttermilk (my family always has cherry) — why pick just one?

Getting Started: The Crust

Pie crust can be daunting even for otherwise experienced bakers. Check out our video tutorial, then get the recipe for Classic Pie Crust:

More pie crust recipes:

Fill ‘Er Up

Not sure what kind of pie to make this year? We’ve got recipes featuring twists on old favorites as well as classic flavors:

Pumpkin Apple Pie

Don’t forget the whipped cream! Here’s how you can make dreamy whipped cream at home.

What pies are you making for Thanksgiving? Share in the comments!

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marmaladesky says …

Hand pies. Some people like taking dessert into the TV room to watch the games so these are easy to-go. Also nice to keep a pile of them in a warm basket for snacking later on. Our favorites are spiced pumpkin and cinnamon blueberry, but you can fill them with anything from chutney to veggies to cheesy things.