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Tell Us Your Recipe for Romance

By Elizabeth Beal, January 29, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Beal

They say the way to a lover’s heart is through the stomach, and while that looks unappetizing in print, we know it’s true. Would your sweetheart be by your side if you’d plunked down a frozen burrito on your first let’s-do-dinner-at-my-place? Didn't think so.

Looking to sway cupid in the kitchen? We recommend this gorgeous Peppered Steak with Mushrooms, Seafood Risotto, Chicken Marengo or Romantic Rice Bowl, finished off with our ever-popular Flourless Chocolate Cake or Red Wine Strawberries and Cream. Warning: the aforementioned recipes could all lead to swooning — or spooning.

Peppered Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine Pan Sauce


Flourless Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze Red Wine Strawberries and Cream

Tell us: Have you ever cooked for love? Did someone make you a meal so romantic it made your heart sing (and did it sing Al Green)? What did you cook to win the love of your life — or the love of last month?

Let us know in the comments below by Wednesday, February 13. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a $100 Whole Foods Market® gift card. Use it to buy the ingredients for your next luscious feast! UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that entered. Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner, Rachelle W. from Oakland!

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Promotion ends February 13, 2013, 11:59 PM CDT. Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada (except in Quebec, where it is void) age 18 or older to participate. Taxes on prize, if applicable, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of Whole Foods Market, Inc., are not eligible. Void where prohibited.




Alison says ...
I've made a custom layer cake a few times for my husband's birthday: Chocolate cake with vanilla icing.
01/29/2013 7:29:00 PM CST
Amy D. says ...
My very first love won my heart the day he made his "world-famous" beer-braised chili for the guys on game day, and made a separate, equally-awesome vegetarian batch just for me, making sure that I was able to enjoy the day as much as everyone else. We were really young and this was the ONLY thing he knew how to cook (and took enormous pride in doing so) so that level of thoughtfulness spoke volumes.
01/29/2013 9:54:27 PM CST
DI says ...
Just like on our honeymoon we cooked Coq au Vin for two
01/30/2013 9:14:06 AM CST
Tabitha says ...
I made a decedent flourless chocolate cake and I will do it again this year!
01/30/2013 10:06:43 AM CST
Cheryl Thibodeau says ...
A heart shaped Hearty Heatloaf using the fresh ground lean beef from Whole Foods. As Well 365 Catsup Drizzled on top. Accompanied by Sauteed Asparagus in Olive Oil crusted with A light mix of garlic and Parmasean Cheese
01/30/2013 10:10:04 AM CST
Candice says ...
I made fresh pumpkin pie for the man that was to become my husband. I was in the south of England spending New Year's with a friend and made pumpkin pie for the group before we went out to celebrate. It's common for us around the holidays, but the treat is a rarity in England. It was something that I love to eat as an American, so every time I make pumpkin pie, I do it with care, which was not lost on the man who I love today. He ate it up, having seconds and thirds. It was a topic of conversation that night and sometimes we still laugh when we eat pumpkin pie together, because it reminds us of the night we first met.
01/30/2013 10:11:23 AM CST
Jeraldyne Santos says ...
I cook for love everyday. I love my husband and he loves my food. [Hahaha] His favorite food is Lasagna. That's what i first cooked for him. We are in transition to paleo now, but I try to make him happy with his favorite dish now and then using healthy alternatives. He still loves the thing. [Lol] And believe it or not, Love is what made me realize how much I love cooking =)
01/30/2013 10:12:29 AM CST
Jessy says ...
One time, I made a dish inspired by a recipe I saw on a cooking channel. It consisted of a couple, expensive ingredients and I chose to leave those out. It was roasted chicken rubbed with sage, with a lemon-mustard-butter sauce and roasted potatoes. My love gushed about it for days afterward :)
01/30/2013 10:13:23 AM CST
sd says ...
I love to prepare Lemon Pepper.. Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon with touch of olive oil and thyme.
01/30/2013 10:16:02 AM CST
Shannon Coleman says ...
So let's face it - in this day and age and in my generation (millennial) the men are excelling in the kitchen. And no surprise, my husband is one of those men. So, I make my magic with small dishes and treats to surprise and delight him. One of example is what I do with lunch or after dinner for a sweet and satisfying dessert. I take a cup of flavored WF 365 greek yogurt (his favorite is the non-fat pineapple) and I chop and mix in whatever fruits we have available. Usually cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, and whenever possible blueberries. I then sprinkle nuts and/or seeds for a nice added touch. He LOVES it! My favorite part is the look of excitement when I don't tell him I'm making a treat but I just plop it down in front of him unexpectedly. :-)
01/30/2013 10:17:08 AM CST
Coleen says ...
Coconut chicken and roasted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower with horseradish vinaigrette
01/30/2013 10:17:24 AM CST
Holly Schafer says ...
It has to be Pavlova~ My husband first tried this dessert on our honeymoon. We were on a castle tour in Ireland and in the little cafe set up in the lower grounds my husband ordered some up after our lunch of toasted sandwiches. He fell in love with the meringue, whipped cream and fruit combination. So now, Pavlova is my go to dessert to make him feel loved and special. I love it now, too and we've been married for 15 years and have three children. It is worth the effort to make it from scratch for the ones you love.
01/30/2013 10:18:13 AM CST
Jessica Feig says ...
Baking "pan baked apple-pear galette" makes my man swoon. In a bowl combine 5 lbs apples and pears thinly slices-Add half a cup of cinnamon-grate Ginger-add a quarther cup of grape juice-and sift some flour into the bowl. Add half a cup of brown sugar. For the crus - beat two eggs and add 2 table spoons butter and 1 cup of flour and half a cup of sugar- should resemble dough. Line baking pan with dough miture and line up the apples and pears in the pan- bake for 2.5 hours on low heat 350 or until fruit starts bubbling. Serve with icecream/wafer to your man.
01/30/2013 10:20:34 AM CST
Melissa Todd says ...
My husband is half-Hawaiian and his Hawaiian parentage, for the most part, ignored that part of his culture. My family has a long line in Hawaii, so when we got together I knew I had to help him embrace this beautiful side of him, and us together. I love making him meals of Char Sui pork or chicken (sweetened, Asian red meat!), Gyoza (wontons of meat and nappa cabbage/water chestnut), Hawaiian taro poi (pounding steamed roots is a chore!) and a myriad of sesame oil infused vegetables... And of course, sticky rice!
01/30/2013 10:21:34 AM CST
Kristin says ...
Lamb chops with mint jelly and garlic mashed potatoes!
01/30/2013 10:22:22 AM CST
Sarah Spjut says ...
I cooked grilled salmon with a side of couscous w/feta and spinach and grilled artichokes
01/30/2013 10:25:07 AM CST
Alyssa Lazerow says ...
I just made him Baked Stuffed Potatoes, salad, and chocolate cookies! (complete with ice cream for dessert)
01/30/2013 10:26:33 AM CST
Heather Jaynes says ...
I'm a vegetarian and one valentines day I made my boyfriend a steak. Its the only time I ever have and probably the only time I ever will. I had to ask a friend to help over the phone.
01/30/2013 10:29:32 AM CST
janice zuckerman says ...
ricotta/blueberry pancakes
01/30/2013 10:32:56 AM CST
Rosie says ...
Homemade pasta- Lemon-Semolina Fettuccine with Crab and Artichokes. I luv making my own pasta, even soba noodles with 100% buckwheat. There is something romantic about homemade pasta, especially with artichokes & crab! It's also fun to have the pasta hanging to dry, its a labor of love and really looks like you are up to something. Semolina with egg makes a beautifully yellow pasta. I made this to go with Columbia Gorge carrot juice in pretty glasses, mixed whole grains and seeds flat bread arranged in a basket with a cloth, a Granny Smith apple pie with a butter crust. Simple in it's own way, but sooo good! I added soy candles and pretty place settings.
01/30/2013 10:33:24 AM CST
Diane baum says ...
I baked salmon with dill and a hot mustard sauce, fresh green bean with almonds and cranberries, homemade bread and flan
01/30/2013 10:33:32 AM CST
Susan says ...
I made him chocolate almond toffee. It was game over at that point. We have been married for 5 years and he still asks for me to make it.
01/30/2013 10:35:48 AM CST
Kinga says ...
I cooked him bacon wrapped grilled asparagus with tender blackened Mahi Mahi and to finish it up chocolate covered strawberries on whipped cream bed... We are together ever since... :)
01/30/2013 10:36:08 AM CST
sandy says ...
tortillini is yummy..but finger foods..love fettuicini and cut up chicken- never steak- stick with a def winner
01/30/2013 10:36:23 AM CST
Shelly says ...
Ina's engagement chicken!!! Roast chicken, garlic and lemons. Had him hooked before it was even out of the oven.
01/30/2013 10:36:52 AM CST