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Three Easy Ways to Renew Yourself this Spring

Spring has sprung! While everything in nature is busy turning over a shiny new leaf, why not follow suit with a little spring renewal of your own? Here are three easy ways to freshen up your life as the days lengthen and the ground thaws.

1. Renew Your Kitchen

  • Dump out that drawer that holds everything from spatulas to matches to old batteries. Sort, toss, recycle, donate!
  • Use a fancy feather duster (or unfancy damp rag) to clean off the top of the cabinets. Got a bunch of knickknacks and decorative jars up there? Take them all down, spruce them up, then decide if they deserve to go back up.
  • Tackle the fridge door. How many half-empty bottles of wasabi mustard do you need? Anything expired, sticky, dripping or just plain weird in there? You know what to do.
  • Make a simple spray of diluted vinegar and wipe down all handles, knobs and switches. Rinse. Relish the clean.

2. Renew Your Diet

  • Add one new vegetable to your dinner repertoire this week. Cook it however you think it will be most delicious.
  • For three straight days, pay attention to how you feel after you eat. Write it down. Did your meal or snack make you feel energized? Satisfied? Panicky? Slavering for more? Did you crash an hour later?
  • Try to have one undistracted meal a day. No reading, no watching TV, no conversation (really!). Just eat.

3. Renew Your Body

  • Drink more water. Try a big glass before your first cup of coffee.
  • Treat yourself to a luxe new lotion or shower gel in a scent you love. Take a little extra time getting ready in the morning.
  • Take a deep belly breath. Try to link this to something you do often, like sending a text message or checking your watch.
  • Stuck at a desk all day? Set a reminder to get up and groove every hour.

What small steps do you take to welcome spring and renew yourself?


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tennae says …

i spruce myself up each morning by a pre- breakfast session of yoga. to enhance a meal, try adding half of it raw;e.g. baste some alliums in cold pressed organic olive oil, chuck it into a liquidizer with raw carrots, watercress,broccoli and tofu, and water or stock, for a cold energy soup peter tennant dunoon,argyll, scotland

Amie says …

I have a special aromatherapy candle that I light every time I feel I need to "refresh" myself. It has a rich citrusy scent that is good for spring or any time of year.

jodi says …

paint my nails a nice spring green grass color. :) buy flowers. i've bought tulips and a primrose already. :) eat healthier. :)

SUIN says …

Taking a deeeeep bath after working out is perfect to renew myself!

Linda S. Steinberg says …

Thanks for these great tips. We know them, but need to be reminded and I certainly appreciate getting to be reminded. You are right on!! Thanks again.

Rita Cavanagh says …

Thank you for thoughts of Spring. Long winter affected everyone. Now Smell the air of almost Spring. Wows.

cathy salmons says …

Thank you for these wonderful ways to welcome Springtime. I plan to start on these today. Do you think, as each season (summer, fall, and winter) approaches, that you could give us ideas to welcome them as well. That would be great. I love all the seasons (especially Spring) and sometimes, we get so busy we just forget to slow down long enough to enjoy all the beauty that is unfolding before us. Thanks again so much.

Joan F. Cohen says …

I love number 3 - wonderful tips on renewing the body - can't wait to try