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By Elizabeth Leader Smith, March 29, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Leader Smith

My three-year old has picked up the phrase, “that is my favorite and my best” and uses it with a gravity that only someone her age can pull off. Strawberry ice cream, white cats and her sparkly tutu have all recently earned her accolades. As a grocery store that’s in the business of selling the highest quality foods we can find at the most competitive prices possible, our search for quality is a never-ending process. So it’s fair to say that we have a lot of “favorites” and “bests” on every aisle and make it our job to bring in more each month.

Check out the roundup below of new products and rest assured, they all meet our Quality Standards meaning they’re free of hydrogenated fats and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

Who knows? May you’ll find a few favorites and bests among them.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that entered. Congratulations to our randomly chosen winner, Vivian! Read on -- one of our vendor partners, Nature's Path, is giving away a free case their new Organic Fair Trade Toaster Pastries to one of our lucky readers.


Califia Farms Juices

Califia juices are made with citrus fruit grown in California. They're bottled near the source in a facility that repurposes more than 90 percent of post-production by-products. So good they may spark the next California gold (well, orange, yellow and green) rush, these juices are available in Orange Juice, Lemonade and Limeade.


Fruitables Whole Jerky Dog Treats

We can nearly guarantee you’ll be BFFs after treating your canine friend with whole cuts of premium meat. There are no by-products, fillers or artificial ingredients. Choose Sliced Chicken Tenders, Sliced Chicken Breast or Thick Cut Bacon. Or – and your dog asked us to say this – buy all three!


Nature's Path Organic Fair Trade Toaster Pastries

Rise and let your breakfast shine! These toaster pastries are made with Non-GMO Project verified, fair trade ingredients that meet our Whole Trade® Guarantee, which ensures a fair price and better working conditions for farmers. Choose Berry Strawberry, Buncha Blueberries, Cherry Pomegranate or Lotta Chocolatta.


New Planet Organics Organic Apple Juice

This fresh-pressed juice is made exclusively with organic apples grown in Washington state by a farming cooperative. No concentrates or sweeteners added. Choose filtered or unfiltered.


Three Sisters Chocolate Wheat Cereal

No wonder breakfast is many people’s favorite meal. This chocolate-y twist on a breakfast favorite offers frosted shredded wheat squares with real chocolate bits in every bite. Plus, like all Three Sisters cereals, it's packaged without a box to reduce waste.


BluePrint Organic Juice Beverages

Especially created for juice cleansing, every bottle is packed with raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices made with a special hydraulic press. Choose the type and intensity of cleanse that's just right for you!


Glutino Gluten Free Toaster Pastries

We’re always on the lookout for delicious gluten free options to satisfy our shoppers from sunrise to sunset. Now you can make mornings a little sweeter with classic toaster pastries made from gluten-free ingredients. Choose Apple Cinnamon or Strawberry.


Suja Organic Juice Blends

Organic. Non-GMO Project verified. Cold pressed by hand. What’s more? Each bottle of these raw juice blends has a whopping two to three pounds of fruits and veggies inside!


Udi's Gluten Free Granola Bars

Seeking to snack on gluten-free goodness? You’re in luck! Made with gluten-free oats, these granola bars make it easy to snack on the go and avoid gluten. Choose Cranberry Almond, Chocolate Chip or Ancient Grain.


Udi's Gluten Free Tortillas

Now everyone can enjoy taco night and wraps at lunchtime! The name says it’s gluten free (and it is) but these soft tortillas are also made without dairy, soy or nut ingredients.


Lotus Foods Heat & Serve Rice Bowls

Ready in less than two minutes, these convenient bowls make eating organic, whole grain heirloom rice a quick and simple pleasure. Plus, the heirloom rices are cultivated with the More Crop Per Drop methodology, which uses 50 percent less water and 90 percent less seed. Choose Brown Jasmine, Forbidden or Volcano.

What new product have you tried recently that you have to tell everyone about? Tell us in the comments below by Monday, April 15 and you could win a case of Nature's Path Organic Fair Trade Toaster Pastries.

The fine print: No purchase necessary. Promotion ends April 15, 2013, 11:59 PM CDT. Must be a legal resident of the US or Canada (except in Quebec, where it is void) age 18 or older to participate. Taxes on prize, if applicable, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of Whole Foods Market, Inc., are not eligible. Void where prohibited.


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Ryan says ...
I recently tried the Lotus Foods Brown Rice bowl, and it was fantastic! The rice was very well-cooked, unlike most microwaveable rice bowls I've tried in the past, and it wasn't sticky either. I enjoyed it with some delicious homemade vegetarian bean chill! :)
03/29/2013 1:05:34 PM CDT
Amy Tong says ...
My kids go through apple juice like there's no one's business. New Planet Organics Organic Apple Juice is the only juice I buy now. I love that they are not from concentrate and there's no sweetener added so they're not overly sweet. Very refreshing that my whole family loves it now. The Nature's Path Organic Fair Trade Toaster Pastries sound wonderful, I can't wait to give those a try.
03/29/2013 1:21:00 PM CDT
Beki M. says ...
I recently tried Kalona's Supernatural milk from grass-fed cows from my local Whole Foods. It was delicious! And I like that it was in a glass bottle rather than plastic.
03/29/2013 3:55:07 PM CDT
emily says ...
New Planet Organics Organic Apple Juice
03/29/2013 6:18:15 PM CDT
Andrea Matos says ...
My son is autistic and very picky.. His favorite are the choc chip granola bars.. He calls them His sweet treat bars! Thank you for a great product!
03/29/2013 7:12:27 PM CDT
Caroline says ...
In Portland, I've been addicted to Krause creame Pies. Lemon, regular..... sooo sooo good. I even went to 3 different whole foods a total of 7 times over 3 days before I found these delectable pies (in the back, where I had to ask a nice team member to help me). It's addicting. I love it so much.
03/29/2013 10:20:53 PM CDT
Dorothy Teel says ...
Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut Thins - they are delicious, it is a nut and rice snack, gluten free perfect to munch for a snack. crispy.....good
03/30/2013 8:20:27 AM CDT
Debbie says ...
I have a male co-worker he always tells new girl friends he'll make them breakfast... they then think they are in for the royal silver service treatment. It's ALWAYS Poptarts. :L I need to tell him about the: Nature's Path Organic Fair Trade Toaster Pastries. One step in a better direction.
03/30/2013 10:30:34 PM CDT
Vivian says ...
Stonyfield organic yogurt smoothies for kids!
03/31/2013 3:20:14 PM CDT
Belinda Abraham says ...
I don't normally buy sausage of any kind, let alone the brand Hormel, but I found the best chicken sausage. Hormel Natural Choice has no preservatives, it's gluten free, no nitrates or nitrites added and the list goes on. There are three flavors - Apple Gouda, Spinach Asiago and Jalapeno Cheddar. I tried the first two and love, love the Spinach Asiago Chicken Sausage the best. I know that I can enjoy something this good and know that what is going into my body is not harmful in anyway.
03/31/2013 11:36:30 PM CDT
Crissy Durst says ...
I tried Nasoya Black Soybean tofu, and I was very happy with it. The texture and flavor were the same as my usual tofu, but the nutritional benefits were so much better. I made a stir fry with carrots, onions, cabbage, bok choy and broccolini and served it with some red quinoa. Yum!
04/01/2013 11:13:20 AM CDT
Lynn says ...
CocoCafe coconut water with espresso -- have shared with many friends and it is a favorite with all!
04/01/2013 6:31:54 PM CDT
Katie says ...
How much are the blueprint cleanse juices?
04/02/2013 10:37:33 PM CDT
Amy B. says ...
I recently tried Wallaby greek yogurt and am loving it~especially the strawberry!
04/03/2013 6:36:59 AM CDT
j.J. says ...
I like Nature's Path oatmeal. I will have to try those toaster pastries.
04/03/2013 10:53:37 AM CDT
Heather Hayes Panjon says ...
Barbara's Bakery Puffins Cereal! The Entire Family Loves This Cereal A Big Hit Around The Table !
04/04/2013 11:28:02 AM CDT
Jesse says ...
I love Natures Path products! I recently tried the Pumpkin Flax granola and it tastes awesome! Throw my name in the hat for some toaster pastries- can't go wrong with NP!
04/04/2013 1:11:19 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@KATIE - Our prices are determined at each regional/store level. Check with your store to find out specific pricing!
04/04/2013 2:55:19 PM CDT
Angela says ...
I shop with WF weekly and I have had the opportunity to sample a few of the products and my new fave is Suja juice. I love shopping with WF, but I must say that you have put a major dent in my budget. :)
04/04/2013 4:08:54 PM CDT
chris davis says ...
I Love Whole Foods
04/04/2013 4:10:09 PM CDT
Vonnie T. says ...
I love the Suja juices. When I don't feel like making my own healthy drinks, I can get even more nutrients on the go! I drink Suja throughout my work day to avoid snacking. Very flavorful.
04/04/2013 4:19:42 PM CDT
Brenda Stafford says ...
I recently tried Sharwood's korma cooking sauce. Place cooked chicken breast in sauce, simmer. Pair with rice & naan. I give it 4 out of 5 points. I buy Nature's Path Toaster Pastries for after school snacks. My children eat them right up!
04/04/2013 4:38:07 PM CDT
Alecia L. says ...
I tried the Ethnic Gourmet frozen dinners and absolutely love them! They're a much better alternative to Stouffer's frozen dinners, which I thought was my only alternative for a quick, affordable meal. Chicken Tikka Masala is one of my favorites.
04/04/2013 4:51:19 PM CDT
Grace L says ...
Udi's products are great alternatives for gluten free eaters
04/04/2013 5:22:53 PM CDT
Jessica Forrestt says ...
I recently tried BluePrint organic juices. I was so impressed! LOVE THEM!
04/04/2013 7:10:42 PM CDT