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#18 on 100 Best Companies To Work For List

tm1FORTUNE magazine just ranked Whole Foods Market No. 18 on its 2010 list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For." Thanks to our awesome Team Members (more than 50,000 now) we've made the list consecutively for 13 years and are one of only 13 companies to be named as an "All Star" for making the list every year since the list's inception. FORTUNE cited last year's company store growth resulting in additional job creation, salary cap limits for top earners, and robust health care plan among the key factors considered for our climb to the 18th spot after ranking No. 22 in 2009. We also ranked among the top 13 most diverse of the 100 companies listed, with 45 percent of the workforce being minorities and 44 percent being women. "We thank and congratulate our amazing Team Members for their commitment and dedication that has led to our continued success, and enabled us to once again be ranked on the 'Best Companies to Work For' list," said our CEO and co-founder John Mackey. "We are very happy about this achievement, and pleased to have opened 14 stores in the last year, creating job opportunities for more than 3,300 new Team Members despite a challenging economy." In the ranking's "unusual perks" and benefits section, we were cited as a company that goes "above and beyond," due to our executive pay limit -- top earners are capped at 19 times the average hourly wage of $16.98, with CEO Mackey opting to draw a salary of $1 a year since 2007. tm2Our Team Members play an important role in determining the FORTUNE ranking. Two-thirds of a company's score is based on survey responses from at least 377 randomly selected employees. "I love the idea that Whole Foods Market cares a lot about the happiness of their Team Members, because it is those happy Team Members who provide the best possible customer service," said Team Member James McCaskill of West Hollywood, Calif. "Whole Foods Market always encourages Team Members to move up in the company." Benefits also contribute to Team Member satisfaction and job appreciation. Company benefits include a 20 percent Team Member store discount, health care coverage for domestic partners and a personal wellness account to help cover health-care expenses. Additionally, every three years Team Members select their benefits package through a company-wide vote. "I love working for Whole Foods Market because you have a better chance of advancing and great benefits," said Team Member Fatima Kone of New York. "I've worked for a lot of companies, and I have to say that this feels more like a family than a group of co-workers. Everyone gets credit for what they do, not just leadership." The "100 Best Companies to Work For" list and related stories will appear in the Feb. 8 issue of FORTUNE magazine, available on newsstands Monday, Jan. 25, and now at www.fortune.com/bestcompanies. In the past 13 years, Whole Foods Market has earned the following rankings on the list:
  • 2010 - No. 18
  • 2009 - No. 22
  • 2008 - No. 16
  • 2007 - No. 5
  • 2006 - No. 15
  • 2005 - No. 30
  • 2004 - No. 47
  • 2003 - No.32
  • 2002 - No. 48
  • 2001 - No. 41
  • 2000 - No. 72
  • 1999 - No. 48
  • 1998 - No. 34

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Karen Young says …

Loved the John Mackey profile in The New Yorker a couple of weeks ago. Quite a character and quite a leader!!

Fair Trade says …

#18 is a superb result - congratulations to all!

screwdestiny says …

Congrats! I'd love to work for Whole Foods but there are none in my area.

Lindsay Meyer says …

Congrats! Whole Foods rated much higher than my company! I love the compensation policies and the focus on creating a great environment for all employees. Truly a model for other companies.

Food Makes Fun Fuel says …

Woohoo! Congrats to Whole Foods and all its employees! I have to say--I would certainly love to be a part of that community; everyone seems to have a great time who works there.

Judy Montgomery says …

I've noticed that associates at Whole Foods are always knowledgeable and seem to really care about customer satisfaction. Anyone I've asked for help has gone out of their way to be helpful. As I am retiring from teaching soon, I've been thinking I might like to work at Whole Foods part-time. Of course, I also imagine that the jobs are very hard to get as there is probably not much turnover!

Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS says …

Congratulations to the employees at Whole Foods on creating a dynamic workplace and a fabulous customer experience; everytime!

Elaine Damour says …

Goodmorning, Maybe someone could tell me why Whole Foods Mkt. will not come to Wilmington, NC area. I receive your email circulars & I am in awe!!!!! For me to drive 2 hrs. to Raleigh & 2 hrs back is crazy. I cannot understand why we on the coast have been cut out?? Please tell me you will come some day, sooner than later. Thankyou for your attention. We need you here!!!! Elaine Damour at rdamour@bellsouth.net

Sharon White says …

As a customer, it makes me feel more positive about spending my hard-earned money at a store that cares about its employees. The workers at my Whole Foods store are very customer service oriented. Whenever any of my friends ask about having lunch, I always suggest Whole Foods for the variety and great taste and now I will also add that its a great place to work for.

Yvonne Lovvorn says …

It sure would be nice for Wilmington NC to have a store like this one!

ryan says …

to bad whole foods is in a trend of slowly taking all the things that made working there great from its employees. Average hourly wage continuously drops, health benefits are slowly being cut back (apparently because they are spending more money than ever on health care and need to find was to save even though stockholder financials show that the percentage of sales that is allocated to health care has been virtually the same for the last five years). raises have been limited to 5% per year, thats 50cents for a new employee that starts off at the typical $10 per hour and it only goes up 5 cents each year after that( Trader Joe's starts at giving up to $1.20 per year) and the light staffing means each team member over worked. I guess its hard to continue being socially responsible when your a slave to the stock market.....Mackey sure messed up when he sold out