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30th Birthday Trip Winners

Congrats to the 30 winners who will receive trips for two in September to our world headquarters in Austin to help us celebrate our 30th birthday. These winners will be treated to a VIP culinary weekend event provided by Whole Foods Market and our anniversary partners, Texas Tourism, JetBlue Airways and the Radisson Austin.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your special stories and memories on why you love Whole Foods Market. We had a great time reviewing all of the entries!

By the way, we officially turn 30 on Monday, September 20. We'll host "30 Years Fresh" festivities during the weekend of September 17 at all of our stores across North America and the U.K. So, even if you didn't win a trip to Austin, you can still join the party! Now, happy travels to these winners:

  • Amy Neussl, California
  • Angela Ericksen, Hawaii
  • Anjanette Cason, Florida
  • Annmarie Skazinski, Michigan
  • Anthony Mace, Virginia
  • Beth Moulton, Pennsylvania
  • Charles D. Berghoffer III, Washington
  • Clare Frey, Texas
  • Claudia Hershman, Michigan
  • David Westman, Colorado
  • Donna Gephart, Florida
  • Donna Roberts, South Carolina
  • Dustin Brown, Ontario
  • Gayle Gordon, Massachusetts
  • Gian Scozzaro, Massachusetts
  • Jan Williams, Florida
  • Jo Ridgway, California
  • Justin Soffer, New York
  • Karee Pyeatt, Oklahoma
  • Karen Abbott, Utah
  • Kathleen Feeney, Virginia
  • Kristin Kozlowski, California
  • Marianne Thomas, Arizona
  • Melissa Cisneroz, Washington
  • Merit Webster, California
  • Michael and Stephanie Love, Georgia
  • Mindy Caplan, New Mexico
  • Sadie Jones, Texas
  • Sarah Hine, Massachusetts
  • Shawna Allen, Oregon

Happy Birthday to us!

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kathryn says …

Amazing not one Jersey winner, interesting, you would think you have no Jersey stores

paig292 says …

@Kenze We'll be featuring some of the stories in our blog in September to celebrate our birthday. Stay tuned...

paig292 says …

@Tracy The winners are spread out around the country more than you might have noticed at first glance. We selected three winners from each of our company's ten geographic regions (Northeast, South, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Rocky Mountain, Southern Pacific, Northern Pacific, Mid-Atlantic and Florida). Thanks!

erdos says …

I didn't know that there was a contest.

Diane Walata says …

Congratulations to all the winners!

Cheryl says …

Congratulations to everyone who won! I wish I was one of them :-( I visited Austin with my son's baseball team 2 years ago, and shopped at that Wholefoods a few times while there. Loved both. If you haven't been to Austin, you will love it there! Enjoy!

Darlene Willis says …

I cannot believe that you didn't pick one person from OHIO!!

Jody Thomas says …

Just once I'd like to be shocked and read my name on the winners list! That would be the day the Devil would be sporting his Winter clothes! Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Jan says …

Congratulations everyone!

J Brumfield says …

WHAT?!?! Noone from LOUISIANA??? One of the most unhealthiest states?!?! GAWD How I would love to go! Congrats All You Winners!!!

Kenze says …

Where can we read their stories?

Tracy Smith says …

what a pooper.......wish they would have only pick from one state, so many from Cali, Mass, and Mich....so sad.

Trish says …

WAIT! you forgot my name! ;-)

Christine Zeiger says …

Where can we read the winning entries?

paig292 says …

@Christine We're working on getting those posted for everyone to read. Stay tuned...