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6 Parties That'll Make Any Mom Proud

Mother’s Day is approaching, and you still haven’t planned anything, have you? Me either.

After all, how can I truly thank the person who taught me how to read, write and get stubborn stains out? A thank you card just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Whether it was her birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas, my mom’s mantra was basically, “I don’t need anything. If you want to do something for me, make me something." She’s a smart woman because my siblings and I actually know our way around the kitchen and we have far better results cooking for her than shopping for her.

There are as many ways to host a homemade Mother’s Day celebration as there are moms. Here are six party ideas, complete with recipes, to honor the fabulous moms (of all kinds) in your life.

Fiesta fun mom. If Mom has the most fun when surrounded
by family and friends, throw an outdoor party! Just add salsa for dipping (and dancing) and keep the music and margaritas flowing.

Your menu will be the hit of the party with these:

Seashore mom. If Mom loves the beach, take her on a getaway with a cooler of drinks and plenty of shrimp, fish and fruit to throw on the grill. If you can’t make it to the actual seashore, plan a virtual getaway with beach movies, tropical drinks and a sustainable seafood feast.

Try these recipes:

Elegant dinner mom. Does your mom like to get dressed up and enjoy a splendid meal? There’s no better time than Mother’s Day to serve her a meal fit for a queen – even if it means you’re playing the part of the castle’s chef. Finish dinner with an indulgent dessert or cheese plate starring our exclusive Hervé Mons Camembert — a true Mom favorite.

Try these royal suggestions:

Breakfast in bed mom. For a sweet start to her day, prepare pancakes or waffles with all the toppings: real maple syrup, butter and fresh organic strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with whipped cream. And don’t forget her daily essentials like tea or coffee and her vitamins!

Try a few of these:

Pampered mom. Give Mom a basket bursting with love. Fill it with classic luxuries — decadent Whole Trade® Guarantee chocolates, Prosecco, bath salts and beeswax or soy candles — then step back and let her enjoy.

Then serve an impressive dinner with recipes like these:

Value-conscious mom. Remember there’s no need to compromise your or her values for value this Mother’s Day. Make your mom proud by honoring her and your budget with sure deals and coupons on celebration essentials like chips, dips, wine, or brunch staples in the current issue of The Whole Deal.  

Remember, whatever you decide to make, your love for Mom will show. Moms, we’d love to hear from you.

What’s been your favorite Mother’s Day so far? Or what would you appreciate this Mother’s Day?

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Daisy Raybould says …

Hi Elizabeth You have shared some fantastic food recipes here. What do you think about making a beauty related gift? I have shared ten beauty products you can make at home for your Mom this Mother's Day in this blog post: http://www.revitaliseyourhealth.com/homemade-beauty-gifts/ Daisy

HippyFitMom says …

Wow this looks so lovely. How inspiring!

Ellen Gold says …

Magnificent job on today's web site. The recipes are incredible which is impressive considering I had just finished cooking and eating dinner. (stir fried Whole Foods chicken breast with snow pea sprouts, red bell pepper, onion and garlic. No rice...used CocoPops for base. Thank you.

Jeanice says …

What about the vegan mom? It would be nice to see at least a vegetarian party plan that could be modified for vegans.

Renee says …

I agree what about the vegan moms out there and their vegan children

MomLena says …

I have to say my favorite Mother's Day gift was a handmade card that my young son made for me. He may have been around 9 years old. On a piece of folded typing paper he colored a big red heart with the words, Mom I know I did not get you anything, then inside the words: but Happy Mother's Day! Love Chris (with a bunch of x's and o'x) I know it's around here somewhere but didn't find it yet. That card really means a lot to me. We didn't have a lot of money and I was a single Mom. always treasure those handmade cards

Tricia Yeoman says …

These party ideas are great. Could you please come up with some party ideas for a high school graduation party for family and friends? Quickly? Thanks!

Halle says …

Does anyone know what's pictured on the very top left? Looks like some kind of avocado/black bean salad? I'd love the recipe! For some reason, that image links to the cookies instead.

Megan says …

@Halle Oops! I've corrected it - here's the link: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/2908