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7 Money-Saving Tips for a Spring Bash on a Budget

If you’re a true-blue value seeker, then you probably already turn to the The Whole Deal value guide for coupons, budget recipes and Sure Deals for your everyday shopping.

Well, what about when you want to host a gathering? Don’t even entertain the idea of overspending! The Whole Deal can help you save and celebrate too. Here are seven ways to wisely save on seasonal soirees and let your savings grow.

1. Bulk up. Buying candy and nuts from bulk bins lets you get just the amount you need and try a variety without paying for excess packaging.

2. Real food. Choose whole foods — veggies, potatoes, legumes, grains — versus highly processed foods.

3. Double-duty décor. Potted herbs, berries, artichokes and lemons make beautiful arrangements and can be used in cooking.

4. Go for 365 Everyday Value®. Party hardy with high-quality goods at everyday-value prices. There are hundreds of organic offerings too!

5. Off-peak entertaining. Forgo a dinner party and host a brunch, an afternoon tea, hors d’oeuvres or dessert party.

6. Party planner. It pays to make your shopping list in advance so you stay within your budget. You can even build your list from our website or create one on our iPhone recipes app.

7. Meat & greet. Meat won't blow your budget if you look for value packs and lesser-known cuts. Serving ham means loads of leftovers (look here for inspiration).

Do you want to see more green this spring? Check out the current The Whole Deal, online and in stores. With $48+ in coupons, more than a dozen Sure Deals, 10 new budget recipes and 32 money-saving tips, saving money this spring is a sure thing — unlike everyone RSVPing to your party by the deadline!

How do you keep spring party costs down and still keep quality and standards up?

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David Elbaz says …

This is a great post, especially for an “upscale” supermarket like Whole Foods. Whole Foods tends to be, but not always, a bit more expensive in comparison to other grocery stores and supermarket. Whole Foods always makes up for their mark up in price with their great organic and fresh products, but it’s nice to see that they are giving recommendations on how to help curb the bill. In addition, I also think it’s a great way for Whole Foods to promote their brands and products, and demonstrate to the public that quality can sometimes be very affordable. This will really help shoppers save some dough during their Spring Bash. Great post Value Guru, I like the way you bulleted the information and made it straight to the point. David Elbaz Tulane University Freeman School of Business

ruth Boncorddo says …

You get what you pay for. I love Whole Foods and spend a little more than other stores, but not much.

Dana says …

Love the idea of off peak entertaining - a dessert party works for me!!

Anne says …

You can buy smaller potions at WF so waste is less. I find if I have to buy larger quantities the per portion is same due to waste. I haven't saved anything.

Catalina Piedrahita says …

I found this blog post particularly interesting having to live on a student budget and with a Whole Foods Market close to my house. Whole Foods is showing that despite being an upscale supermarket (many students save their trips to whole foods for the end of the month), there are ways to eat well without spending a whole lot of money. And now you can even have a WF night in your dining table without feeling financially guilty. Plus the option to create the list on their webpage or on an iPhone app. Now that's customer service! That's the thing about WF, if you're willing to pay that little extra, you won't regret it.