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9.3: Food

Despite the vast quantity and variety of food available today, hunger is a daily reality. Watch this episode of 9.3 to see how a farmer in Hawaii and a group in Arizona experiment with unique farming methods that have the potential to feed people in isolated areas and harsh environments. Do you think hydroponics are a viable solution to world hunger?

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Alice Bright says …

For some time now I have been telling my 92-year-old mother that one day we will have to go back to the old ways and "grow our own food!" Thanks be to God, Whole Foods, and those who are contributing to this very concept. Now, the future looks hopeful and brighter! Many blessings to all who devote their time, talent, and expertise to the technology that so many of us don't even begin to think about. I, for one, am truly grateful. Sincerely, Alice B

Adam says …

interesting concept.. although there's already a solution.. 40% of the world's grain goes to feeding livestock, 756 million metric tons of grain and corn in 2007 was fed to chickens, pigs and other farmed animals.. a quantity of grain that could feed 50 people creates just one 8-ounce steak if 1 in 10 people around the world stopped eating animals it would free up enough food to feed the 1 billion hungry people on the planet.. pretty strong statistic I'd say

Marion says …

The company that I work for (JuicePlus) ic coming out with a kind of hydroponics. I think it is great and I hope to be able to grow produce/herbs this way and feed my family. I love gardening, but it just hasn't been very successful for me.