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Adventures in Brewing - Foster's History

You probably have already heard of Foster's Lager - it is the most popular Australian beer in the world. But you may not know that this beer has deep roots. Back in 1887 when Foster's was first brewed, most beer was served at room temperature. Brothers William and Ralph Foster figured their fellow Australians would enjoy a cold beer in that warm climate. And they were right! The Fosters even served it with ice so it could be enjoyed at its best. breweryyardFoster's Brewery, 1870 A classic golden Lager, Foster's is characterized by a full-bodied malty character and is produced with exclusive yeast and with Pride of Ringwood hops, only grown in Bushy Park, Tasmania and Ovens River, Victoria. The original Foster's arrived in the US in 1972 packaged in metal cans that looked like motor oil cans. And so it was that Americans nicknamed them "Foster's Oil Cans." Look for it featured in our stores in September. Check out the workers who first brewed it: breweryworkersCarlton (later Foster's) Brewery Workers, 1870s

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