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Adventures in Brewing: Guinness Draught


It's that time of year again…when things turn green: grass, trees and beer! It's time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish. There's nothing more Irish than Guinness…well, maybe a leprechaun…and we have the pleasure of bringing you the adventure of this brewer's famous Draught.

Way back in 1759, Arthur Guinness used a £100 inheritance to sign a 9,000-year lease on Dublin's ramshackle St. James's Gate brewery. The exact recipe for the stout's mild hoppiness and dark, smooth, espresso-like richness is fiercely guarded, but water from the Wicklow Mountains, south of Dublin, and roasted, unmalted barley are always in the unmistakable mix. In fact, last year in 2009, we joined Guinness devotees worldwide in toasting the brewery's 250th anniversary and the celebration continues, of course, this and every St. Patrick's Day.

We encourage you to go all-out Irish and experience even more of the bittersweet malty, caramel flavor of this Draught by pairing it with our exclusive sweet, nutty Kilaree Irish Cheddar. Sourced primarily from milk that comes from small dairy farmers located in the South of Ireland, cows roam free in fresh air and graze in lush pastures of tender grass. Ireland's unique climate lends itself to the exceptional milk, which in turn produces big Cheddar flavor. Now, you won't find this to be green but this pairing will definitely get you feeling lucky for sure!

Sláinte! (To your health!)

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12th Man says …

Also worth mentioning is that the brewers at Guinness, when a batch is ready to go, scrape off a gallon or so of the foamy yeast from the top of the kettle and add it to the next batch. That means that in each glass, you're getting at least one molecule from the original brew some 250+ years ago.

Bonnie Benjamin says …

Hey guys, can you please please stock your shelves with Mercer's Wine Icecream. I do not want to get it at Joseph's in Boca but they are the only stores that carry it. I am looking for the Peach Zinfindel. It is amazing!

says …

Product requests are handled on the store level. Please check w/ your local store directly. Thanks! http://bit.ly/allstore

Barbara says …

Across the street is a hotel that all the priests stay at because they are allowed to go and taste all day free.

Paul says …

I know I'm a little late but I was searching draught beer on google and I came across this. I had to leave a comment because I love Guinness Draught AND i love Whole Foods haha! I did NOT know that Whole Food carried Guinness (i assume this article means they carry it?) I've been looking for a local spot that carries it and NOW i know!!! Hey GUINNESS!!! - I just joined your fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GuinnessUS - You should post this type of info! It's very useful!

testking mcitp says …

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