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Ambos Seafood

Hal and Drew Ambos of Savannah, Georgia The Ambos family, now in their fifth generation of shrimping off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, provides Whole Foods Market with fresh wild Georgia shrimp that has never been frozen.  The strong tides along the southern Atlantic coast, from which these shrimp are raised, provide these shrimp with a sweet succulent taste and a good firm texture that can only be produced in the wild.

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Dennis McIntosh says …

I shop at the Old Town Alexandria, VA, Whole Foods store, and I am interested in buying the freshest sardines possible. Where do the sardines provided in this store caught, and how fresh are they? Sardines are becoming VERY popular in the Washington DC area. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Dennis McIntosh says …

Although I live in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, I was raised in Gulfport MS, and learned to appreciate the freshest seafood, especially shellfish for gumbo. I use a variation of K Paul's recipe for seafood gumbo, which requires a fresh-made seafood stock, along with shrimp, crawfish, crab meat and oysters shucked on the spot. I buy all the shellfish from Whole Foods, and I have never been disappointed! After seeing your video, now I know why. I do not cook the shellfish; after I have finished cooking the gumbo, I add the shellfish, and the heat of the gumbo cooks it. It takes several hours to prepare this gumbo, but it is worth it! Many thanks for providing an excellent product. Dennis

Robin says …

Nothing is better than fresh shrimp caught off of Tybee Island, GA!

dawn cushaway says …

I recently was in whole foods and found an amazing new sauce called Blenders. It is a marinade and dipping sauce. I bought the spicy one and loved it and now can't wait to try the others. I put it with the shrimp instead of the typical cocktail sauce. My husband put it on the bbq on skewers with veges and it is thick and rich and stayed on really nice. our kids loved it too.It was so flavorful and unique. I looked at their website and they too have a family business for a long time. They also donate money to kids which I love.