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Birthday Party on a Budget

Thirty years ago Whole Foods Market opened to make people happy. True! Our founders wanted better, healthier food for themselves and their friends. Just take a look at our 30th birthday page for a fun facts and company milestones to see how much we've grown. And, after thirty years, we're still listening to our customers' needs and desires. The Whole Deal - with coupons and recipes online and in print - is a case in point. We think a birthday definitely deserves a party! And we're also of the belief that expense shouldn't dampen your celebration. Here are some of our favorite tips for a birthday party that will keep you smiling without breaking the bank.
  1. Make cupcakes instead of cake to avoid the cost and trouble of plates and forks. Our Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cupcakes with Orange-Cream Frosting are so moist and tasty, you'll hardly notice the healthy touch of zucchini and Neufchâtel.
  2. Go simple with real foods that are naturally colorful and flavorful: fresh fruit and veggie sticks with dip instead of foods loaded with artificial ingredients.
  3. Make your own punch, lemonade or coolers. Concoct something a little out of the ordinary like Cherry-Cucumber Coolers or any of these other refreshing recipes.
  4. Do something such as games and crafts and scavenger hunts, etc. vs. buying toys or gifts for every attendee. Isn't FUN the point?
  5. Join OUR Birthday Party; stores are celebrating the weekend of the 17th. Find what's happening at your local store.
Need a gift for the birthday boy or girl? Well, what about a gift card? You control the amount so it suits your budget and they get to pick out just what they want. That makes everyone happy! By the way, we don't expect any gifts for our birthday. Just keep celebrating and sharing your passion for the highest quality natural and organic products. Thanks to your help, with every passing year food choices are better and more affordable. Got any fun tips for big birthday fun on a small budget?

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Laurie Maizels says …

Good afternoon, I am curious as to why your bakery dept still uses oils for all baked products. Your muffins are delicious, but I would love to see you substitute applesauce in some (like the bran muffins) in place of canola oil. some healthier options that use egg whites and wheat bran, in place of canola oil, butter, and sugar would satisfy many people! Thank you for your time, A big fan

paig292 says …

@Laurie With our renewed focus on healthy eating and our Health Starts Here program, our stores are adding new healthy options in all of our prepared foods and bakery departments. That said, each store has different offerings and it's best for you to make your preferences known to your local store. You didn't mention which stores you shop, but here's a link to our store listings: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/

lolo says …

how much is ur cupcakes

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LOLO - Our prices differ between stores. Check with your local store to see their pricing for cupcakes.