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Bottomley Farms

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Bottomley Farms has been in operation since 1991 growing Christmas trees, pumpkins and vegetables. When Mitchell Bottomley was a child, he and his grandfather spent endless hours each winter tying evergreen garlands to sell for a little extra Christmas money. After his grandfather's death in 1990, Mitchell turned that side-job into a booming business. In 2000, Mitchell Bottomley and his family expanded further, setting aside a small space on their family farm for pumpkin fields. That little space amidst a sea of evergreen trees has since grown to some 400 acres planted with more than 14 varieties of pumpkins. Note: Our Farm to Market slide shows currently feature farmers and producers from our South and MidAtlantic Regions. We hope to expand to others in the future.

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Angel says …

I bought one of these trees and it is hands-down the most spectacular Christmas tree I've ever had in my home! It is simply stunning!

Barb Tesla says …

I can not find any info on pesticide usage, if IPM is used, etc. specifically on Christmas trees. How can I find this information?

says …

@Barb Since each of our stores sources their Christmas trees from different locations, the best way to get the most accurate information is to reach out to your community Whole Foods Market directly. The link below will help you identify your store's information. If you contact them, a Team Member from your store will be happy to discuss the sourcing of their trees. They may not have the information regarding how the trees were raised but would be able to point you in the right direction. www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores

Joanie Parker says …

We purchased one of your Frasier Fir Christmas trees this year at Sams Club. It is by far the most beautiful tree we have ever purchased. It still smells so good and the needles are still soft after 4 weeks. And the price was so reasonable. Thank you, Joanie Parker

Judy Brown Testerman says …

I am so proud of my family. It is a thrill when I walk into a store here in Maryland and see a big box that has BOTTOMLEY FARMS on it. I tell everybody it is My Uncle!!!!